Four of the Coolest Underwater Jobs

by A Guest Author

Your career should be your passion. It should be something that interests you and that you love doing every day. For many this means jobs that are not entirely of this earth. Underwater jobs are certainly not a dime a dozen. They are highly coveted as well as most interesting and, sometimes, rather dangerous.

Working in Neptune’s Hood

It’s considered one of the few careers in the world that provides pure satisfaction. No two days at work are the same, and very often these underwater jobs are more like a well extended holiday, as opposed to a highly-paid job. Many people have quit their 9-5 jobs to take on underwater diving jobs that they feel is best suited to living out the rest of their career days:

Underwater Photography: This can be a tough job if you really struggle with the thought of taking photos of bikini-clad or Speedo-clad models. Underwater photography not only entails models for glossy magazines. There are many aspects of life underwater that require documenting. Ship wrecks, sea life, portraits and protected sea life pictures are often required for a plethora of reasons. The sea is largely undiscovered so there’s no shortage of work.

Underwater Tour Guides: An awesome profession if your passion is diving. Many resorts require tour guides to take clients who are interested in diving with sharks, seals or dolphins, on their guide-required, underwater ventures. This is a fantastic way to earn money while indulging your favourite pastime.

Underwater Archaeology: All those wrecks and so much history that lie beyond human reach. The ocean is a treasure trove of history and stories yet to be discovered. A combination of history and diving means that you will spend equal times on land, and in the water, researching, and uncovering wrecks and flooded cities, which can reveal more about mankind than we currently know. Underwater archaeology tops the list as one of the most exciting underwater jobs on the planet.

Underwater Welding: An extremely well paid job that is an extremely niche position with the underwater jobs community. The great money is also considered ‘danger pay’ because the risk is so great when welding underwater. Some objects underneath oil rigs cannot be brought on to land to be welded and repaired, so specialist divers are given specialist equipment to do the job underwater. It’s a risky job, but the perfect career choice for those who love to live on the edge and enjoy the rush of adrenaline.

Many underwater jobs are dangerous, with the equipment that one relies on to stay safe, but with the right equipment, company and considerable experience, underwater jobs are amongst the most sough-after positions in the world.

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Vida Denning is a freelance writer who, when not spending all her time in Scruffs workwear on a photo shoot, she was diving off the coast of Malta. Nothing quite like it.

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