Free Love at College

by A Guest Author

I am just a typical hot blooded U.S. teenager who sees college as one great love adventure. Of course every girl in college is just waiting for me to come and sweep tem off their feet. Every girl in college is automatically going to be looking for me right? NOPE!

After just a few days here I realized that my dreams and ambitions of becoming a super stud were probably going to evaporate very quickly. The reason of course is there is a much bigger choice here of the male population to choose from. Back in my own little town I seemed to have been in the top ten percent of studs available. Here I seem to be in the 90 percent available. The competition to shine is too much.

I have no doubt I have a few things on my side. I have good looks and charm. I have the ability to sweet talk any woman any time. I have a car (old one, but never-the-less a car), I have a clean room and I am pretty good in the academics of college. So all that should push me up the pecking order right? Nope.

Everybody here at college is here because they worked to get here. Those that did not work hard had a little push from family money to get them through the door. So straight away everybody here is here because they have pass the hurdle to get here. I cannot stand out in that aspect.

Everybody here (nearly) is single as they have left sweethearts at home. Or they are looking for their first sweetheart. So the competition is like 100 percent to get any girl. The good-looking guys of course stand a better chance that is just the way it is, and at home I was that good looking guy. But most guys here are in the good-looking range, I have not seen many geeks or nerds. The overall completion is astonishing. Who would have thought it?

But my biggest problem and the one that is causing me a great deal of stress is the money situation. My parents are not poor, but they are not rich either. Somehow most of the guys here seem to have the ability to have money available 24/7.  They have poser cars, better jeans; better IPODS and they seem to have a better ability to attract the girls by partying out most nights.

My weekends are great. No essay editing or sitting in the room like a sad case, I do go out. But I only do that at weekends. Guess what? Everybody else is out at the weekends too. Every local bar and cheap food hall is full of us. The chance of meeting and chatting up a beautiful girl on their own is impossible.

I know my charm will eventually shine through and knock the competition sideways. I just have to keep going and ensure that the smile is always there. In the meantime a few hours a week in essay editing and catching up on homework will give me the chance to clear my weekend for party fun.

It is early days yet and all the guys are still acting like peacocks and all the women are allowing them too. When the dust settles I will be seen for sure.

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Marlon Hayes is still hoping to be the one for all those waiting girls.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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