From Community College to Four-Year University: Finding Success as you Pursue a College Degree

by A Guest Author

If you’re an older student ready to finally earn a college degree, consider starting your academic adventure at a community college. Not only is this option cheaper than a four-year school, but it also gives you flexibility. Choose the classes you want and balance schooling, a job and family. Before enrolling in your first class, though, consider several tips that help you transition to college and successfully earn your degree.

Balance Your Responsibilities

You’re going to need strategies that help you balance your class work, family and job.

  1. Start with a schedule. Organize your day to include the commute, class, schoolwork and other important duties.
  2. Purchase short-term medical insurance. Because you most likely won’t have a full-time job with benefits, you’ll need this type of coverage. It allows you to visit the doctor and covers emergencies so you can focus on your classes.
  3. Get your family onboard. They might need to help with household chores, give you quiet time to study or cut expenses while you fulfill your goal.

Create a Plan

With your family onboard, you’re ready to register for classes. For a successful transfer from a community college to a four-year school, you’ll need a workable plan.

Start by talking to the advisors or transfer coordinators at the community college and your target four-year college. They can give you additional information about transferable classes and financial aid.

Next, schedule your transfer. Decide how long you’ll study at the community college, which classes you’ll take and when you’ll transfer. For example, if you plan a fall semester transfer, you'll need to complete the admissions process by early spring.

Consider Articulation Programs

Articulation programs are one way you can successfully complete your degree. Four-year colleges often partner with community colleges in the certain geographic region. As long as you earn passing grades, the credits transfer between schools.

Apply to Both Schools

This step might seem premature, but you want to cover your bases. Especially if you plan to enter a specialized program, make sure you can attend the school of your choice. Apply to the community college and the four-year college of your choice in order to be prepared to fulfill your dream.

Choose your Classes

Before registering for classes at the community college, research whether they'll transfer. This tedious step guarantees you won’t waste time or money on unnecessary classes.

Arrange your Financial Aid

Because you’re probably attending school on a limited budget, it is imperative to research financial aid. Obtain all the necessary forms for government aid a well as private scholarships. Completely fill out each application, and meet the deadlines.

Stay Focused

It’s hard enough for traditional students to complete their college requirements. Because you’re balancing a family or a job, you really need to focus on the goal. Remember why you decided to earn your college degree. As you face challenging exams, struggles with your family or pressure from your job, think about your future. From community college to a four-year university, you can stay strong and fulfill your dreams. You’ll be thrilled with the end results, and you can inspire others who bravely embark on the same journey.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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