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We all know about the recession, and although most of us cannot understand the mechanics of it, I can see the stress on my parents face every day as they struggle to make ends meet. I have heard raised voices at night from my father and mother, the subject is always the lack of money, and just how much college is costing them for myself and my two brothers.

I know my dad is taking out loans after loans to get us through college, I know that he and my mum are not really having a life at the moment. They seem to be sacrificing EVERYTHING on us siblings getting great marks and thus to a great job. That is assuming there will ever be great jobs for the next generation of us leaving college and going out to the so called “world of work”.

I never really understood until about six months ago what lack of money meant. The quality of food at home dropped down, there was a dramatic cut in family days out, and my dad’s car is an eyesore. I have not seen my mum buy anything for herself for years.

I now finally realize the struggle and sacrifice they are making for me to get to college. If you had asked me last year about college, I would have told you I was looking forward to parties, girls, drinking and weed. Now I can honestly say I am scared of not getting the marks to get through. Not only do I have to support myself, but I have to help my mum and dad out too. The realization of this and the pressure it brings on me makes me fully understand how ill this must be making my dad. Although he never says anything at all to me. He just pretends everything is going as planned. I know he is really suffering, and I owe him not just money but also to get through college and REALLY make something of myself.

It is amazing to think I assumed for years I was from a wealthy family, but of course I was probably upper middle class and that is dropping extremely fast. Some of my friends here are still lucky to have enough money coming in to the family, and I can see on their faces that they are not carrying the burden of financial problems. How cruel it is to grow up and know that NOTHING is free.

My weakest subject by far is English Language. I hate reading the so called classic, and absolutely hate the essay editing I have to go through after. Whereas before I arrived at college I expected a few nights out with the lads, the truth is that not having money concentrates your mind to do the essay editing. It also has made me determined to get through college with flying colors. I hope my richer friends will one day “get it”.

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Lance Edwards still has fun in life, even when work makes it difficult.

This post was written by A Guest

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