Go from Community College to Ivy League

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Go From Community College To Ivy League

How can you go from a community college to an Ivy League university? If you know what you're doing and follow the right steps, it will be a smooth process. The trick is figuring out the right steps to take. But if you're reading this, don't worry. You're already on the right track.

Many students who are interested in earning their bachelor’s degree attend a community college for the first two years as a way to save money on tuition. Sometimes when the time comes to transfer, they just aren’t sure if they are ready to make the  jump to go from community college to Ivy League.

If you're unsure about going from community college to Ivy League, check out this guide.

3 Reasons it’s Time to Go "Ivy League" from Community College

Are you a student who is preparing to cross the bridge between a community college and an Ivy League university?

If so, here are three reasons why it’s time to get the ball rolling now.

1. You’ve completed all general education courses

Most Ivy League curriculums require the same general education courses as community colleges.

General community college education coursework usually takes three to four semesters to complete and includes mandatory classes such as college algebra, English literature and writing, and statistics.

Once a student’s general education requirements have been met, he or she is ready to focus solely on completing degree coursework.

Learn about getting a 4.0 in CC to go to Ivy League universities >>

2. Your career goals require a bachelor’s degree

If you are attending a community college because you are interested in a career that requires an associate’s degree, there's no reason to look any further because you're in the right place. Choosing a degree should be based on what you need to start your career. If your career aspirations require a bachelor’s degree, you will need to transfer to a university sooner than later.

And going from community college to Ivy League can only help your chances for success.

3. You are a stellar student

If you are a serious student who consistently earns a 4.0 GPA, you need to hone your academic gift by taking on an Ivy League university after excelling in community college.

Stellar students have what it takes to make it to the top, in terms of education.

However, average students can transfer to Ivy League too.

Only an Ivy League or tier 1 university can provide students of this caliber with the tools and opportunities required to reach full potential.

Think about where your academic talents could take you and start making a plan today for how you will get there.

Not Sure About Going From Community College To Ivy League?

If you still aren’t sure about your academic or career goals, it may be best to read the 5 biggest questions about transferring from community college.

Once you have a clear goal in your mind and decide that you're willing to work to acheive it, you're already well on your way to transfer from community college to Ivy League!

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