Graduate Internships – a Doorway to Your Profession?

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It’s no secret that a graduate internship represents the doorway to your chosen career. For most students, leaving university can bring a lot of latent insecurities to the surface; fears about not being able to find work and with that, the possibility of unemployment. An internship is like the scholarship of the work world. A foot in the door, with a legitimate means of learning the tricks of the trade and the practical know-how of a profession, making a good impression is essential to transitioning from a temporary unpaid position to landing a permanent contract at a company.

4 Ways to Get a Graduate Internship and Impress

  1. Dress Professionally: All Stars and Mickey Mouse t-shirts are a thing of the past. What was seen as alternative in college – could potentially be seen as childish by your future employer. Invest in work wear that is consistent with your aspirations as a full-time employee. It will always be tempting to dress comfortably, but resist the urge and envisage the corporate professional you plan on being.
  2. Ask Questions: Graduate internships, whether paid or unpaid, are also a great form of introduction to a company’s policies, procedures and protocol. In the initial stages, when you are getting to know your daily job responsibilities, as well as management’s expectations, ask the right questions about your position. Knowing your working hours, breaks, time off, and supervisors, will ease you into your new role, and be a gateway to the specifics of your duties.
  3. Show Initiative: This could take the form of anything from volunteering to make your colleagues a cup of coffee to doing those extra little tasks that no-one asked you to do. Be interested in your work, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to show initiative and impress your manager. This could also mean displaying a willingness to take on new challenges, which in turn could prove useful for showing off your hidden talents. All in all, successful graduate internships often hinge on initiative – so do your best to make every moment count.

Getting a job with no experience is near to impossible in this economic climate – which is why an intern position offers you the unique opportunity to gauge whether you’re in the right company, leaving you with the relevant market skills should you decide to go elsewhere. In other words, taking on a graduate internship program should always be done with a future perspective.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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