Guide For Security In Community Colleges

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In order for community college students to focus on their studies and teaching staff to focus on delivering engaging and informative lessons, the school environment needs to be both safe and secure at all times.

The first step towards achieving this is to ensure the entire perimeter of a school is protected by a substantial physical barrier. For such a boundary to be truly effective, the number of entrances and exits for both vehicles and pedestrians should be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Anyone entering the school should have to do so via a staffed reception area so that their reasons for wanting access can be properly assessed. All contractors should be CRB checked before being allowed on the premises.

Access Control

Proper fencing with full access control will not only reduce the number of opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour, but will also allow any problems that do occur to be managed more effectively thanks to the degree of containment. With a wide range of potential solutions available, it is possible to provide a high level of protection for a school without destroying the aesthetic appeal of the building or grounds.

Security shutters fitted to doors and windows can help to prevent unauthorised access during times when the school is unoccupied. Shutters can also reduce the risk of arson or vandalism. It is vitally important to ensure that any such security measures are fully integrated with fire safety measures so that the school can be quickly and safely evacuated in the event of an emergency.

Schools are significantly less attractive to criminals and those wishing to become involved in anti-social behaviour when they make the most of opportunities for natural surveillance. Regularly occupied classrooms with windows that look out over playgrounds or car parks can provide a powerful deterrent.

Preventative Measures

CCTV is another way of tackling the problem. This has many benefits, including the fact that it is relatively unobtrusive, provides clear, independent evidence of criminal activity and can be deployed both day and night. However, CCTV is only truly effective as a preventative measure if the feeds it produces are monitored on a full-time basis.

In some cases, the greatest threat within a school can come from the pupils themselves. The rise of violent youth culture throughout major cities in the UK can manifest itself within the school environment. Although nobody wants to follow the model adopted in American, where entering certain schools involves passing through airport-style security, introducing bag checks and more rigorous monitoring of school grounds can help to prevent problems.

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Sophie works alongside and through understanding their range of security shutters and grilles suitable for schools, has learnt just how important it is to ensure all entrances to the building are fully protected.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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