Having A Great Community College Social Life

by Chad Agrawal

Community college life has been construed in the wrong light for a long time. Therefore, many people think that community colleges are for students who did badly in high school or who cannot keep both ends from the ground. That is wrong and if you ask someone who is used to the social life in community college, they will tell you that the life is fun. There is everything to look forward to, and that life is slower than what you find in the Ivy League institutions. Does this however mean that the kind of education that you get here is substandard? It is not and in fact, it is of a very high quality. You will love everything about your community college life.

What do you expect? It is a community college. In this college, everyone knows everyone because it is a local institution. One thing that is for sure though is that people who go to these colleges save money. The fees are not as hefty as what you will pay in the other institutions. Community colleges are meant to help people gain a decent education, who otherwise cannot afford the other types of institutions. Therefore, as you fit in the social life in community college, you have to know the kind of people that you will encounter there. Many of them are single mothers, who are trying to hold onto a day job and then later on in the evening go to class.

Don’t expect much of the hustle bustle that you will find in the high end learning institutions. The life is kind of a bit laid back, but this is good for learning as it provides a serene environment. While the social life may not be anything to write home about because you will be interacting with people from the surrounding communities, the education is god enough and people studying there still go on to qualify for some of the best degrees in the nation’s education system. As you have guessed that you will meet most of your friends in the local college, it may be just the same as the continuation of high school and in fact, you may not even notice any difference. Fitting in the life of community college students will be so easy.

If you think that community college life is great for the students, you should just talk to the professors who teach there and they will tell you that the social life is great. They will tell you that the pace is slower than what you find in the high-end institutions of learning and they will tell you that they love their jobs and that they are proud of what they do. Actually, as the name suggests, community college social life is perhaps the funniest part. You can interact with people from all echelons of life and everyone will certainly know everyone.

We may not enjoy the same prestige as the Ivy League colleges, but the life of community college students is definitely funnier and the education is high quality. Plus, you can always transfer from community college to Ivy League. In the job market, everyone, irrespective of where they got their degree will have equal opportunity.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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