The Old and the New – Traditions of the High School Yearbook

by Ashley

Traditions of the High School Yearbook

Yearbook makers such as Memory Book Company play an exceedingly important role in the high school experience for many teens. These companies are responsible for capturing the memories of adolescence in a format that can be looked back upon for generations to come. Many people hold onto their yearbooks for their entire lives. Parents and teachers are more than likely still holding onto their own high school yearbooks, whether they’re boxed away in storage or sitting prominently on a shelf to look at whenever the mood strikes. In either case, those pages are filled with memories that might have quickly faded away if not for the visual reminders stretching from cover to cover. This is one tradition that has carried on to the latest generation. But now, there are a few new traditions that make high school yearbooks even more special.

Continuing Traditions 

There are some things that haven’t changed about high school yearbooks even as technology and everything else has quickly evolved. If you’re helping out with the production or distribution aspects, here are a few traditional things you can expect to find:

  • There is typically at least one faculty advisor.
  • The school is always involved and gets the final say.
  • They can pay tribute to events, teams, clubs, sports, current events and much more.
  • They are often produced in conjunction with the school journalism and/or English departments.
  • They showcase seniors with their professional photographs, as well as members of all the other classes with their school photos.

New Additions to Tradition 

While many things have stayed the same, some things have definitely changed with modern online companies. Most of these changes have simply made things easier. If you’re involved in the yearbook production for the coming year, here are a few changes that you can expect to enjoy:

  • Design and layout can be completed entirely on the computer screen.
  • Intuitive online programs are easy for parents, teachers and students to use.
  • Pages saved online can be accessed by any authorized user from multiple locations.
  • Production kits make it easy for teams to design, modify, personalize, produce, sell and distribute yearbooks.

It’s easier than ever to get all the photos and text in place and looking perfect, and with all the personal touches that you desire. With the help of the right online company, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the new yearbook tradition.

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