How Karaoke Can Help Improve Public Speaking

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Okay so right now you're thinking, “if I'm afraid of public speaking, how on earth is karaoke going to help”? For some people, the thought of standing up on a stage and singing in front of people is even more terrifying than giving a speech or presentation.

This is definitely a “fight fire with fire” approach that has you face your fears head-on, but it's not as stress-inducing as you may think. There are different aspects of karaoke that make it more easily accessible than public speaking. In many ways, it's the perfect place to start for people who want to conquer their fear of speaking in front of others. Karaoke is a more social form of expression and it happens to be a great way to entertain yourself. When all is said and done you might just come out of the situation with better public-performance skills and a new hobby you can enjoy with your friends.

Practice at home - the first step to using karaoke to improve your public speaking is to practice at home. The best way to do that is by purchasing a simple karaoke machine that comes with a microphone. You can also choose to buy a basic PA system, but the advantage of a karaoke device is being able to incorporate music more easily. The idea is to simply get more experience hearing yourself over a microphone. It also helps to have the microphone in hand while visualizing yourself in front of other people. Since you're doing it in the comfort of your home, there's really nothing to worry about and no chance of being embarrassed. It's a great first step however to bridge the gap between your anxiety and actually speaking in front of others.

Pick a song - when you're comfortable enough, pick a song and memorize it as best as you can. The advantage of karaoke is having the lyrics displaying in front of you, but you can alleviate a lot of your nerves if you don't need to use it. The same principle applies if you're doing any form of public speaking. It's a lot easier when you memorize your presentation so that you can fall back on cue cards only when you need them. So pick a song that you like, and get familiar with it because it's the one you'll be singing for the first time.

Sing a Duet - if the idea of getting up on stage and singing still seems to intimidating, then grab a friend and do a duet. This is the perfect way to finally get up on stage and get your first experience under your belt. It might help to find somebody who's already huge karaoke fan, and one that has a good voice. When you team up together, a lot of the pressure is taken off of you. The most important part of the experience is not really singing the song to perfection. It’s about simply getting up there and feeling what it's like to have so many eyes on you.

Work the Stage - hopefully you can get to the point where you can try a song by yourself. At this point, it's important to note that it's not just about how your voice sounds. You want to command the stage and use your body language properly while maintaining a good posture. These elements still have anything directly links to your voice, but they impact your overall presentation whether you're singing or speaking in public.

Engage the Audience - one of the best ways to truly engage the audience is to connect with their energy. You can do this by maintaining eye contact and making every member of the group feel like they're part of the show. You can also judge the vibe of a room by how they respond to your performance. It's a lot easier to do when you're singing a popular song, but it's the same principle that can be used for regular public speaking engagement as well.

Push Yourself - the only way to get better at something you'd are afraid of is to expose yourself to it. It's an annoying factor people who don't want to face their fears, but it's also the secret weapon that you can use to finally get on track. You already know the formula for getting better at public speaking: it involves getting as much experience in the field as possible. Once you have some your first song, push yourself into different environments and see what your boundaries are.

Apply what You’ve Learned - getting up on stage in front of other people is a similar experience whether you're singing a karaoke song or giving a work presentation. And if you can do it once, you can definitely do it again. Pay attention to what's going on, and use what you've applied to give your self-confidence for future situations. And remember, a lot of your fears have to do with anxiety and anticipation. If you can get over that initial hump and try public speaking or karaoke for the first time, it gets a lot easier after that.

Who knew karaoke can be so useful? Whether you want to use it for practical purposes or you're looking to include it in your next house party, it's a fun activity for all ages and musical tastes. You can find the perfect equipment at which features the latest information and reviews on the best products for your home. It's a hobby that has survived several decades and advanced thanks to modern technology, and it's a great way to spend your entertainment dollar.

This post was written by A Guest

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