How Much Does A Pharmacy Technician Earn?

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Pharmacy technicians provide technical assistance as well as administrative support to pharmacists those who work in retail pharmacies or hospitals. In many retail pharmacies, technicians often interrupted by phone calls, orders, questions from clients and staff. The work of pharmacy technicians is challenging and need precision. The pharmacy technicians spend much of their day by standing and should move and lift objects weighing nearly 10 kilos.

The pharmacy technicians could work in pharmacy in retail networks, clinics and hospitals, independent pharmacies and also related companies such as insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, life health insurance, pharmaceutical supplies and also sale of bulk drugs.

The pharmacy technician’s major tasks are prepare, measures, label, package, as deliver drugs. They maintain the list of prescriptions computer of their patients and make sure that they deliver right drugs. They even handle home health related products like canes, vision or hearing. Following the position, they even handle answering phones, supplier invoices, directing clients to the items to pharmacist for pharmacy or consultation, sterilize bottles, acquire written prescriptions, bottling and clean up drug instruments, clear the queries about non medicated and even maintain cash register.

When it comes to pharmacy technician’s salary then you can expect their pay to be higher compare to any other jobs because of their important responsibilities. They work closely with licensed pharmacist and entrusted with great responsibility. The pay range of a pharmacy technician around the nation is between 20,000$ and 40,000$. Experience determines the compensation which pharmacy technicians get. As like any other profession, they will earn more pay after acquiring experience. Most of the pharmacy technicians those who are working currently have just enter into this field that is increasing explosively. They account for lower range of pharmacy technician salary. The size of the facility where pharmacy technician works also will have impact on their salary. When they work for bigger store then they may expect that the salary is higher. They also may receive much more benefits that are hidden bonuses to their salary.

The facility where pharmacy technicians work or a state that licenses them may have various ideas about nature of their work. Few states let pharmacy technicians to perform only minimum number of tasks which are related to pharmacist’s role. If any pharmacy technician is not operating independently few states let their pharmacy technicians to work but expect lower salary.  When considering how much do pharmacy technicians make then do not forget few of other bonuses which comes with working in this environment. As pharmacy technicians who are working for bigger chain of stores will likely be eligible to receive benefits like 401k, retirement plans, sick leaves and lot more. The local of their work is even something which you may consider attractive. Payroll benefits must not to be discounted when thinking of pharmacy technicians pay. Sick leaves just are small addition to their pay which cannot find in plenty of jobs which might pay similar amounts. With sick leaves as well as personal leaves pharmacy technicians still can get normal salary when they are not working.  Most of the places even may provide retirement funding, this means which they will contribute certain amounts to the investment account. The environment might even be attractive to pharmacy technician. They work in well lit and clean places. Pharmacy technician’s work keeps them so busy but in general quite local. Work hours may vary but not most of the places will require them to work overnight. The average pay of new technicians will be 25,000$ per year. A pharmacy technician can get high salary while working for hospital instead for drug store. When doing scientific research or working for government pharmacy technicians earn up to 50,000$ per year. The pharmacy technician salary will also largely depend on which state they are working in, since few cities generally will pay high salaries compare to others. If pharmacy technicians who are working for a drug store then they will be getting slightly low pay than working in a hospital. Technicians those don’t have formal qualifications will get less pay compare to more education. Salary will be even higher for the pharmacy technicians who have years of work experience in the field. People those who like to increase their pay must seriously consider more continuation in pharmacy education. If you are interested to learn more about pharmacy technician salary, do post your queries to Jason Holmes, a qualified pharmacist.

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