How to be a 100k a Year Barrister

by Michael Johnson

A Step by Step Guide for Aspiring Barrister

Becoming a barrister is a tough and challenging but equally rewarding task. Financially, barristers exceed the average annual salary income and in fact more than double it, while the opportunity to implement justice is a prime motive spurring on desires to enter this chosen field. However, nothing of value comes but without a price and so the hard work needed to propel oneself into such a highly respected role is telling. Nonetheless, for those willing to take up the challenge of transpiring through this rocky road, behold: a guide on how to become a £100k+ a year barrister.

Skills needed

Most highly paid professions require not only hard work, but a set range of skills through which the addition of hard work will supplement. When it comes to being a barrister, attention to detail, coherent communication skills, a high level of intelligence, sharp listening abilities and strong interpersonal skills are a must.

These skills will lay the foundation for your pursued career path toward being a barrister. It is through them then that you will succeed.

Step 1)

An undergraduate degree is the first step in becoming a lawyer. The subject ought to be law; however, if you already have a degree in a related academic field such as history or politics, a conversion course can be completed in order to propel you to the vocational stage of the process.

Step 2)

Next, an aspiring barrister should join one of the four Inns of Court: Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Gray’s Inn. These societies provide barristers and student barristers with exemplary support.

Step 3

You will now be ready to jump unto the vocational stage of the process, which constitutes completing a vocational course, sometimes under lawyer reviews. The course is full time for a year or part time for the duration of two years.

Step 4)

Once you have successfully passed the vocational stage of the process, you will now be ready to embark on a pupillage program: supervised practice as a barrister. Usually lasting a year, six months constitutes the student shadowing the work of other qualified barristers, while the second will involve supervised practice.

Once completed, you’ll be ready to become a barrister. Work hard in your profession, combine the skills you ought to already have and you’ll soon deservedly be earning over £100k+ a year.

Good luck, never give up and work hard my friend!

This post was written by Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a British freelance writer

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