How to Find a Peer Tutor while Attending Community College

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Find a tutor while attending community collegeOne of the main benefits of attending community college is that it allows students that might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college to complete their general education units and transfer to a four-year school in order to obtain a bachelor's degree.

By following the right steps, you can even transfer from community college to Ivy League!

Whether this is because students can save so much money during their time in community college or because the GPA requirements are often much more lenient than other institutions of higher education, the truth is that community college students still have to complete the same coursework as every other freshman and sophomore at other major universities in order to move on to major study.

Not only that, but they must receive stellar marks if they want to ensure transfer admission into their school of choice. For some students, this could necessitate the help of a tutor. And for those that are short on cash or trying to save for their future education, peer tutors are a lot more affordable than teachers or other professional sources. But how can students find peers that are suited for the task?

Ensure Transfer from Community College by Finding Great Tutors

There are all kinds of ways to find student tutors on campus, as it turns out. Many campuses actually have a tutoring center where advanced students offer their services. In some cases they are paid by the school and made available as a free resource for their classmates that are struggling with any number of subjects. You might have to sign up and meet certain criteria to qualify for this help, but often you can get tutoring in core subjects at no cost. Of course, not all community college campuses provide such services for students, in which case you'll have to find alternative options.

One great way to find qualified and willing peer tutors is by talking to teachers or department heads, who will not only be aware of which students are the most advanced in math, science, English, and other topics, but might also know which ones are making themselves available to tutor their fellow coeds.

Some community college professors may even encourage advanced students to offer tutoring services and then recommend them to their classes for anyone who needs help. Of course, the majority of kids on campus who choose to tutor will not do so through the school. Instead, they will simply let their freelance operation spread by word of mouth or post notices on campus boards to let their peers know that they are for hire and what subjects they tutor in.

So if all else fails, check your community college campus notice boards (both around the actual campus and online) to find students willing to offer instruction in the subjects you need help with, or simply ask your fellow classmates for recommendations. Peer tutors may not have the expertise of a professional California or New York math tutor or English professor, but getting help from an advanced student can definitely net you the face time you need with a knowledgeable instructor at far less cost than hiring a pro. And while it may take a little searching to find suitable help, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a peer tutor is well worth the effort.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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