How To Get a Real Estate License

by Brandon Jones

If you want to be a real estate broker getting a real estate license is a basic requirement. There are some things that you need to comply with in order to achieve your fullest potential as a licensed real estate broker.

Complete certain number of hours of real estate training courses

It is worth noting that each state has different real estate licensing requirements. Individuals who want to obtain a license should undergo a training course. It is a uniform requirement in many states to require real estate agents to complete a training course and subsequently to take and pass a licensure examination. Each state however differs as to the number of hours they require. New York for instance requires 75 hours while Texas requires 80 hours and Maryland 60 hours of classroom training in real estate.

Find a real estate training course provider

Most states keep their own directory of accredited real estate training course providers. You can do an internet search for this list or you can visit your state's website that provides information about the approved providers for the training courses in real estate. You can search online for various colleges and universities that offer distance learning courses in real estate. Some education institutions offer short term real estate courses for a period of three weeks only with intensive study period. In considering the license course to enroll in, you need to consider the differences as to the period and costs of the training course. Short term courses will likely be costly. It is also worth knowing that some states require licensed real estate agents to undergo continuing education and training in real estate every year.

Take the real estate licensure examination

You can easily apply for the state license exam for real estate by going to the website of the state where you want to work as a real estate agent. You will find step procedures that will guide you through the process from applying to take the examination. It is best to review their requirements and to comply with what is required to support your application for the state license.

Considerations when taking the real estate license

The taking of the real estate license is always subject to regulatory provisions and limitations. There are states that impose an age limit to be able to get a real estate license. One is meeting the qualifications including the educational background and completion of the state training course in real estate with a national certificate in real estate. Most states only allow individuals above 18 years of age to take the exam. It is also important to know the disqualifications provided by the state where you intend to apply to. Proper coordination with the real estate licensing division of your state is important as they can help you in preparing the necessary documents and requirements for your application of a real estate license. Getting a real estate license is not difficult if you know the requirements to comply with to become eligible as a licensed real estate broker.

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