How To Have Fun In Community College Following An Unexpected Strategy

by Chad Agrawal

How to have fun in community collegeGoing into community college, you're probably looking to have a good time. Who doesn't, right? Unfortunately, some students make themselves miserable over going to community college. They liked high school and the idea of change is not welcomed. If you meet any of these people that complain about community college, steer clear of them and don't look back.

You have two years at community college to make the most of your experience. In this post, I'll show you how to have fun in community college. And if you've read about my community college guide, you'll know that I had a lot of fun in community college. Speaking from experience, you can definitely succeed in class and have a good time outside of it.

Having Fun In Community College

If you're like most students, your goal after community college is to transfer to Ivy League, Tier 1 or other respected 4-year-colleges. These goals take a lot of work, and you won't be having fun if you don't know what you're doing at community college. Without feeling prepared and focused on your goal, it will be very difficult to have fun. Without being on the path to somewhere great, even if you do manage to make some incredible friends at community college, you'll still have the stress/anxiety of uncertainty.

Step One - Get Your Priorities Straight

To have fun in community college, the first step you need to take is getting your priorities straightened out. If your goal is to transfer from community college, then your academics and schoolwork should be your top priority. Once this is completed, you can list your other priorities.

Step Two - Develop A Plan For Success

Next, you should have a plan of what you'll be doing at community college to transfer to your dream university. By having a plan, you'll know that you're on track to meet your goals. If you don't have a plan yet, check out this community college guide.

Step 3 - Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

Finally, with your priorities and plan in mind, you're ready to have fun in community college. Before making any plans for the weekend or perhaps after class, make sure you are sticking to your priorities and plans to transfer. If you've satisfied all your priorities and feel well on your way to meeting your transfer goals, then you actually will be able to relax enjoy yourself in community college. Otherwise, you will constantly feel behind and worried about your limited transferring options, and struggle to have fun in community college.


Most people will tell you that to have fun in community college, you should be going out and meeting tons of people and blah, blah, blah... All of which is true, except that you first need to have your basics down. The key to having fun in community college is first to make sure you're doing well in school and preparing to transfer to university. More than likely, you'll attract like-minded people and you will definitely have a fun experience!

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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