How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

by Jemma Scott

A cover letter is an incredibly important aspect of your CV. It’s the initial thing your potential employer will see and it paints a certain picture of yourself. It will shape the employer’s perception and opinion of you and needs to catch the employer’s attention. In this article we offer some tips on how to write the perfect cover letter for your job application.

1. Tailor your cover letter

For the best cover letter, it needs to be personalized and tailored to you, your strengths and your offering. Tailoring your cover letter when you write it will make you stand out and be noticed. Show your interest in the specific company you are applying to. Commend them on something they have done that inspires you and state why it is you want to work there.

2. Be specific

When you want to write the perfect cover letter you should start off with specifying what you are able to offer in relation to the job requirements. If the position needs someone with certain experience in something and you have this, mention it to them to show that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

3. Keep it simple and brief

Your cover letter needs to be concise and simple. Remember that your cover letter is the introduction to your CV which plays focal point. Say all you need to say but in an impactful manner. Grab the employer’s attention and make them want to see your resume, make them intrigued.

4. Referrals

Employers get bombarded with hundreds of applications for the open position. It is very difficult to stand out amongst all of the other cover letters. One way your cover letter will get the employer to actually view your CV is to drop names. No, we don’t mean famous names, if someone you know or a friend has informed you about the position and they work at that specific company, it is a good idea to mention their name. This will break through the clutter and it obviously means that your friend thinks you have the skills that the position acquires.

5. Proofread

A perfect cover letter is one with no spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If your cover letter is riddled with misspellings, incorrect use of punctuation or grammar, it will reflect very poorly on you. Proofread your cover letter in depth. You cannot just leave it up to the computer’s spell check. After you have proofread it, get someone else with fresh eyes to read over it too.

This post was written by Jemma Scott

Jemma Scott is an avid writer of business related information. Her inspiration for this article stemmed from her time as a proof-reader in many a serviced office.

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