Human Kindness and College

by A Guest Author

Human Kindness and College

Nearly four years ago I was involved in a car accident. No one died but I lost part of my right arm and some metal went into my face just below my right eye. Thankfully it did not affect my eyes but it did crack my cheek bone. Despite several “repair” jobs and infections I was left with a sort of permanent mark on my face that looks like someone has thrown something like black ink across my face. But this ink never comes off, although the doctors say it will fade with time.

Of course in your teenage years the last thing you ever want is to have something on your face that everyone can stare at. When I talk to people they stare at the mark and not me. School friends were the best and the worse. As they would tease me about it, never in a nasty way, but nevertheless it would make me feel so embarrassed and I often would hid at the back of the class. I would also not go out much as the mark really seemed to have a hold on my life.

I was worried about going to college and having to deal with more people making jokes and comments about my looks. I was so petrified. I even tried to talk myself of going. But I am so glad I did not as I do love my new life at college. I am loving being amongst people who are a little more adult in their ways and views.

Here I have come across many people in wheel chairs, people with limbs missing, people who have little sight and people with a host of disabilities. All these people fly around the place and just get on with life. There are no insensitive jokes or rude comments. Everyone treats them as just another student, even helping them with stairs and doors. It is a delight to see.

No one has mentioned my mark on my face. I now feel so stupid as compared to other people with “real” disabilities I have nothing. No one says anything about it. No one even really stares at it. This is such a refreshing environment to live in and work in. I really love college.

My only comment really was when I was in a group last week doing a joint essay editing project when one of the students asked how it happened. Once I had answered it was over and I just went back to the essay editing and on with my fun new life.

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Lorraine Howard has realized that living and studying in college is so much better than life at school.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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