Hygiene Issues at College

by A Guest Author

I am not the most tidy person in the world. I am perhaps very untidy, but I never lose things as my haddock way of leaving and filing has no equal. I know where I leave things and I know that it is not a system anybody else would understand or comprehend.

But as untidy as I am I never ever let my hygiene slip. I come from a family that are perhaps a little bit anal about hygiene. We ALL had to have a bath twice a day and washing of hands was done almost after everything we did. My mum would wear gloves when cleaning and washing. She would buy so many different cleaning agents all of which were supposed to be the best on the market.

When my friends came round to our home that would feel a little threatened as the toilet would be so clean they would be afraid to use it. The house could be untidy but it could NEVER be unclean. That rule applied to our clothes too. My friends would laugh when I told them I would have to change clothes three a day. I would also have to change underpants at least once a day. This of course was a great sense of amusement to all my school mates.

Now I am sharing a room with a guy who just does not share the same commitment to hygiene at all. He is a really nice guy and we get on very well. He is a little untidy as I am. But the guy never changes his clothes and to be honest he stinks. He wakes up in the morning and never showers. He comes home from class and changes into more old clothes and out he go. Still no water or soap has touched his body.

At night time he gets ready for bed and his feet stink. He must wear the same socks al week. He of course is oblivious of his aroma. I can smell his shirt his t shirt and even his pants. He never even try’s to disguise it either with antiperspirant or cologne. He does not think he needs it I guess?

Mostly he is out all day, but on a Sunday he is in the room all day and the smell really builds up. I try and read or do my essay editing or even just watch TV, but the smell is constant. I find myself sometimes looking over at him and he asks what’s up? Of course I never say.

I have left clues like putting soap on his bed. I even bought him some deodorant, but he said that it must be mine. I think the only way to sort this is to come out with the truth to him. What a horrible situation to be in. I know it will causes damage to our friendship but I cannot think of what else to do?

Tomorrow I have decided to tell him. I am going to be a friend, and if he takes it badly then so be it. With the next few weeks requiring me to really study and do a lot of research and essay editing in my room, I need not to smell him there. Of course if he says I smell I will be devastated!

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Simon Powell has told his roommate and now he has a new roommate.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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