I Love my Old Car

by A Guest Author

First of all I am not going to tell everybody the make of my car. The reason is that most of you will start laughing and slapping your thighs with disbelief. But what I can tell you is that I paid for it myself by saving over three years by working in a garage and another job in a local supermarket. It took ages and it may not be a Porsche but I paid for it and I have the greatest pride in achieving my very big purchase.

It has rust! It has character and it has a very old fashioned steering wheels that as those little grooves in it for the fingers to be replaced. It smells like a real car and that smell of leather is just cool when the sun hits those seats. But of course most of the big thing is that I have managed to buy this beauty with just my money. I know the value of money as I know how hard I worked to get it.

One note of honesty here is that my dad did pay for the insurance and the legal documentation, but the physical car is all mine. I drove around my hometown like a prince with the radio as loud as possible. Sorry to say it is only a radio at the moment as I cannot find a way of changing it to an MP3 player yet, The car is green and has such a look that when people see it they have a beautiful smile on their faces. That makes me feel great!

I drove to my new college for the first time and all the faces smiled. Some people of course did not smile but started taunting the car and myself. These of course are people who have probably never have had to save up for anything at all. Mummy or Daddy would have probably given then their cars and even the cost of their time at college would have been as a result of a hand out. I bet these people laughing at my car never had to work in a supermarket and save money for something themselves.

I spent my first week in college defending my beautiful car. I never realized so many people would have such a negative reaction to my car. It has been so bad that I have stayed in my room for hours doing essay editing and reading. I only have met one guy here who loves my old car and we spend hours talking about it. He gets how great my car is and he is even spending time on my car doing minor repairs. For this I will help him with his hated essay editing.

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James Ton is very proud of his old car but he will buy a new one next year. Somehow.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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