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Working in an inner city school isn’t easy, far from it, but it’s still really rewarding.  Sometimes you will make a major breakthrough with a student or have a class that seems to really enjoy the lesson, and those days make everything worthwhile. As a teacher it’s my job to inspire and teach, to make sure the kids learn to the best of their ability, and the only way I can do this is by showing a positive attitude towards the subject.

Interesting Lessons Work Wonders

One of the ways I work to do this is to create really interesting lessons.  Even if I have taught the same lesson over and over I have to pretend it’s my first time and that my interest in it is still there.  It’s tiring and sometimes difficult, but it makes a difference to the way the children pay attention.  I think getting out of the classroom is often the best possible method to really ignite sparks in a subject or a topic, which is why trips are so beneficial.

We have a difficult class in each year, but one in particular stands out as being hard work.  This is a class of 14 year olds who are all going through the stage of thinking they know everything they need to already.  They are all good kids but they are very reluctant to learn new things and feel that lessons are a waste of time which would be better spent hanging out together.  I recently organised a trip to London for our English lessons and I fell they children all really enjoyed the experience.

Heads Will Appreciate Easy to Arrange Trips Out

The cost of school trips can often put heads off letting you plan them but there are ways around this.  I have found that if you can show the organisation needs are minimal, acquire resources which cut back on planning and internal resources and reduce the costs the head will be more compliant with your request. When my class returned in great spirits, and their understanding and interest in the topic showed definite improvement after the trip my head has been more supportive of my ideas about learning outside of the classroom.

If you have a difficult class or are looking for some fantastic ideas to improve the planning check out the options you have available. Remember to pick trips that will be easy to arrange and very cost affective to help persuade those in charge to allow it to go ahead.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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