Interview Tips; How To Manage Stress

by Author Jemma Scott

Interview Tips For Managing Stress

A job interview can be one of the most stressful situations to be placed in. Especially in the current economic climate we are faced with, getting that job means a whole lot more. Stress and anxiety can be disastrous for our interview and in this informative article we look at some interview tips to help manage stress.

1. Get two good night’s sleep

Many of us will not sleep very well the night before an interview or even the night before that. Sleep is essential to our wellness and sleep deprivation can make us more stressed and anxious. In top tips for managing interview stress, make sure you get two great night’s sleep when leading up to your interview. One is able to do this by tiring their bodies with physical activity. A great night’s sleep will mean you are fresh and focused for your interview and you will likely stress less.

2. Early bird

Rushing, getting lost and forgetting important things all leads to stress and anxiety. By the time you actually get to your interview you will be so stressed and this will hamper your focus and attention. In successful interview tips to help with stress, make sure you have everything ready the night before. Include your outfit, brief case with all relevant papers and directions if you do not know where the place is. Get to your interview early so you are able to focus before you go in. Do not get there too early as the waiting may also get you anxious.

3. Be nourished

Food is an important element in anxiety and stress. When we are stressed we do not eat and this is not good for our bodies. It hampers our concentration and makes us feel worse. In good interview tips, make sure that you have had a light, nourishing meal before your interview; this will do wonders for managing stress.

4. Make your interviews for in the morning

Waiting for the interview is one of the worst parts. In top tips for a job interview and a great way to keep stress at bay is to schedule your interview for the morning so you can get it over and one with. This will also help with the amount of time you will have for negative thinking.

5. Be incredibly prepared

In successful interview tips and a sure way to manage stress, make sure you are over prepared for the interview. Knowing that you have all of your bases covered will help ease the stress and anxiety.

This post was written by Author Jemma Scott

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about business and work related tips. Her inspiration for this article came from her time in executive suites Denver having to perform interviews.  

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