Job Hunting Tips For Graduates

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When one finishes college, the world becomes their oyster and they set off to create a career for themselves. With the current economic climate we are faced with, it has become very hard to find that elusive job and get that proverbial foot in the door. The thought of job hunting can be daunting for many graduates but in this article we aim to shed some light on the best job hunting tips around to help get you started.

Job Hunting Tips and Advice

1. Get in touch with contacts

You, your family or friends will surely know someone that knows someone and this can be an opportunity to make contact with possible employees. When job hunting, exhaust all avenues and get in contact with anyone that may be able to help you get an interview or meeting at a possible company. Personal referrals are one best ways to acquire that position and is a great strategy in job hunting.

2. Think smaller

Nearly all graduates have a vision to work for a large and well established company. The reality is that middle sized companies are the ones currently doing the hiring so it’s better to start small. There is sometimes large room for growth in the smaller companies and hiring managers are more available and open to meeting with you.

3. College alumni organization

Your college alumni organization is a viable place to engage in job hunting. Stay in close contact with this organisation and developments on the job front. Interact with past alumni as many of these individuals will already be involved with the companies you may want to work at. Keep a constant eye on the alumni networks of your college, these will provide past students with information on possible job opportunities.

4. Start at the bottom

In any career you start straight out of college, you will need to work your way up through the company and start off doing a job at the lower part of the ladder. This is just part of starting your career. If you are lucky enough to acquire the position you really want at the company you had in mind, then realise that starting at the bottom is where everyone begins.

5. Intern or temp

It has become increasingly difficult to attain a job. When job hunting, you should also possibly explore internship or temp opportunities. A company may not have the budget or space to hire at that current time but may be open to providing you with an internship and if you perform well, will take you on permanently. This can also be beneficial to you, as even if you do not get that position, it looks great on your resume as real life experience in the industry. In other job hunting tips, a temp position that may lead to a permanent position is another avenue you could look into.

Guest Author:

Jemma Scott is an avid writer of business related topics and advice. She spent much time job hunting and finally found her ideal job in Office Space Leeds.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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