4 High Demand Jobs With Accelerated Degree Options

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Choosing a career requires careful thought. If you are a college student these days, you need to consider the likelihood that you will be able to obtain a job upon graduation from college. If you are the type who doesn't deal well with risk, then you may want to take on a career that offers a consistent flow of opportunities. Choosing a career that is in demand will ensure that you will always have a job for years to come. You will never have to worry about getting laid off or facing stiff competition in career fields that are in demand. One of the other benefits of choosing a career that is in demand is that you can receive a higher income. These four high demand jobs have accelerated degree options that give you the ability to increase your earning power. You can easily grow your salary by pursuing one of these careers.

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts are in great demand amongst software companies. Social media companies have also been hiring computer systems analysts. An analyst may start out in an entry-level position and do data research for a software company. If an analyst wants, he or she may obtain a Master's degree or Ph.D and become qualified to take on more responsibility in life. A computer systems analyst helps companies operate in a more efficient way.

2. Online Advertising Professional

Online advertising has become the leading way for businesses to market themselves. Because businesses can profit immensely from online advertising, they are prepared to invest significantly in companies that provide these services. If you become a professional in this industry, you can expand your opportunities to earn a high income. You may eventually start your own company or be promoted when you receive a Master's degree. Businesses continue to promote individuals who obtain certificates in social media advertising. The average online advertising professional earns about $87,000.

3. Financial Planner

As a financial planner, you can take your career to soaring heights. You can do whatever you like with this type of career. If you want to work independently, then that is entirely possible. If you want to work for a corporation, then you can have your pick of corporations to work for. The average financial planner makes about $100,000. If you decide to earn a Master's degree in finance, then you will be able to boost your earning power and work for a major corporation. Because the stock market is currently in a rough patch, many companies are finding that they need to hire financial planners for new investment strategies. Individuals are also facing great difficulty in managing portfolios that have decreased in value. Financial planners help individuals organize their finances and get on the right track.

4. Actuary

An actuary differs from a financial planner, because he or she analyzes the risks associated with certain business decisions. Because businesses are now being careful in the ways that they spend money, there is a greater demand for actuaries. Actuaries can use mathematics to explain the risks that are associated with certain business decisions. The average actuary makes about $88,000 a year.

When you want to find a great career with accelerated degree options, choose one of these four careers. These four careers offer you the ability to pursue additional degrees in order to boost your income. You can also always count on an available job in one of these career fields. In this difficult economy, you can make a wise choice in pursuing a career that will always offer opportunities.


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