Keeping Calm When Giving A Presentation

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Very few people enjoy public speaking. For a small number, it comes naturally and they enjoy being the focus of attention, but for most of us, it is something to be avoided if at all possible. However, sometimes there is no getting out of it. If you find that you have to give a talk, here are some tips on how to keep calm and get through the experience unscathed.

The best way of keeping your nerves in check is to be prepared. If you stand up in front of a room of people with no clear idea what you are about to say, you will quite quickly feel the heat. Conversely, if you have a plan, and know that plan inside out, you will never be lost for words. Simply by ploughing on through your plan, you will be able to keep your mind from wandering to all those negative thoughts. It is the negative thoughts which bring about audible sounds of nervousness, like stumbling over your words or a shaky quality in your voice.

A good plan is a clear plan. First sketch out an overview of what it is you need to get across to people. What background information do people need? What kinds of things will help them understand? Once you've got a general idea what needs to be said, you can start focusing on the detail. You will probably find that the talk can be broken down into separate elements and each of these can give rise to a different visual, whether that be a diagram, an image, or just a few words.

Using slides in this way has two advantages for the speaker. Firstly, it draws attention away from them a little, minimising pressure. Secondly, and more importantly, it keeps things organised. You don't have to remember where your talk is going because the slides are in order. When one pops up, it serves as a little aide memoire, letting you know what you're supposed to be talking about next.

One word of warning, however - don't be complacent. Don't think that just because you have everything organised and slides to display, you don't need to practice. Practice isn't necessarily about ensuring you deliver your talk well. It's more about convincing yourself that you will. If you stand up to begin and have a few doubts about your ability to carry this off, your nerves will quickly get the better of you, while if you know precisely what you are doing, you'll be amazed how this effect is negated.

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