Killer ‘Is There Anything You’d Like to Ask Us?’ Interview Responses

by A Guest Author

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This is the question that concludes nearly every interview.  And it is mostly a formality.  The wide majority of applicants simply answer no, or ask to have their parking ticket validated.  But, because it is so often glossed over, it can be an invaluable opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.  Here are some tips for answering that banal last question in ways that will impress employers and enrich your application:

First, always have at least one question for the interviewer.  It will demonstrate that you are interested, attentive, and eager to learn.  You want to appear proactive, and give the impression of someone who takes an interest in self-improvement.  So ask something like one of the following:

“If I am offered this position, what are some ways I can prepare in advance to ensure that I’ll hit the ground running?”

This one is my personal favorite.  It conveys confidence and immediately shows that you are someone who wants to exceed expectations.  It is also something a bit out of the ordinary, and it is likely to make a strong impression that the employer will remember later on.

“What are the opportunities for promotion/advancement?”

This one is a bit more conventional, but nonetheless a great answer.  Companies want to hire individuals with long-term goals who are eager to grow and improve along with the firm.

“How has business been lately? Are you experiencing growth?”

It is important to show that you have a vested interest in the health of the company.  Employers look for applicants who understand that what is good for the team is also good for them, and who have the conviction that the business’ success will determine their own.


Ask about a recently released product or new market the company is entering. 

Show that you have done your homework, understand the business, and are interested in the field they specialize in.  Demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm.

“What tools can I expect to work with and/or what training will I receive in this position?”

If it hasn’t already been addressed, this can be a great question.  It will force the interviewer to picture you in the job, and it shows that you are eager to learn.

Keep in mind that these are not simply stock questions that you should reproduce verbatim.  It is important to frame the questions in light of what you’ve discussed during the interview and what you already know about the company for which you are applying.  Your main goal should be to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about their particular position (and not just about getting a job), have done your research about their company, and are looking to make a long-term investment towards establishing a career with their firm.  Best of luck!

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