Life After Graduation – 6 Recommended Paths You Can Take

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Life after graduation is tough; there’s no doubt about it, and the job-search will most likely be long and winding with many ups and downs along the way. In today's current market, there just aren't enough jobs for every graduate with experts suggesting that there are as many as 100 graduates applying for just one position.

There are ways to cope and to make the journey less strenuous, and here are just some of those much-recommended ways:


Deciding to do a Postgraduate course is highly beneficial to many who choose that particular path. The courses available tend to be more focused on a certain element, elevating your skill-set in that area as well as aiding you in developing vital contacts in the industry. It may be extra money, but at the end of the day it will look good on your CV and separate you from the others. It's also a chance to branch out, study something different giving you more freedom when it comes to applying for jobs.


Networking is exactly what it sounds like; there are many events and places where one can go and network, meet others in the industry and really get their name about. Present yourself well, ensure you have a collection of personal business cards to hand out, and be confident because you’re going to be meeting people similar to yourself and those who can really help you out in the future.

Work Experience/Internships

There's a lot of negative press when it comes to internships, considering they will most likely offer you very little in terms of salary, but will amicably pay for your travel expenses. That doesn't do a lot of graduates, weighed down by their student loan debt, any good at all. However, these don't have to be massively long unpaid jobs; a lot of internships will last a few weeks to a month, and once it's done, your CV once again has that unique selling factor and experience.

Gap Year

After 15+ years of education, it may be time to take a year out and travel; it's a popular activity among many graduates nowadays and it's easy to see the advantages. Real-world experience is one of the most valued attributes going and it could be exactly what you need to prepare yourself for a full time career, and you'll most likely be doing some sort of work to maintain an income which will continue to do wonders for your CV.


Actively choosing to help with the community away from financial gain will instantly set you apart on your CV. You gain great experience, skills which can be utilised elsewhere in later-life and you'll likely meet a great deal of people willing to help, just like you. It's an understated method considering there is little or no pay, but it won't be forever and will drastically increase your chances of having your CV picked out by potential employers.

Start a Business

This one may seem like a stretch to most graduates who have very light wallets in their pockets but there are a lot of companies, groups and Universities that are willing to make these dreams comes true for graduates. Websites like 'Flying Start' are there to help and to give advice on finances and other related topics.

This post was written by A Guest

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