Would You Rather Live in the City or the Country?

by A Guest Author

Like the Aesop fable about the city mouse and the country mouse, we all have preference between the hustle and bustle of urban life and the natural beauty of a country town. While there’s no way to truly measure which kind of lifestyle is better, there are definitely pros and cons to each side of the coin.

Pros of the City

Cities are the centers of civilizations. Employment opportunities are higher, almost limitless forms of entertainment and services, and generally, people enjoy a higher standard of living in cities than in rural or remote areas. Cities have movie theatres, night clubs, plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, huge shopping centers and a multitude of famous and local businesses offering almost anything a person could possible need.

Cons of the City

The busy nature of the city can be overwhelming at times. The never ending traffic jams, the loud engines of planes and helicopters as they soar through the sky, the quick tempers coupled with high stress levels, wailing sirens, loud music, bright lights that burn through the night... all of these factors are likely to drive some people a little mad. Pollution is certainly a downside of living in the city – especially densely populated ones like Beijing or Mumbai. The city can also be quite expensive as the luxuries it’s quick to promote don’t always come cheap.

Pros of the Country

While you feel part of something much larger than yourself in the city, the country inspires a sense of community and you feel part of a huge family. Though cliche, it is established that people who live in suburbs like McKeachie’s Run know their neighbors and the local business owners because they depend on each other for survival and see each other often. In the quiet and peaceful country side, you can appreciate the simple things and enjoy a tranquil life of reflection. In growing country towns like Aberglasslyn, real estate is affordable and expansive as opposed to urban areas.

Cons of the Country

The country doesn’t often have many services available. Essential services, such as doctors, are limited in the country. Public transportation is also scarce, and the remoteness of the often means that many supplies or equipment can’t be found in local stores. Employment is minimal and the local economy often relies on one or two industries, making it treacherous should something disrupt that industry. The absolute quiet and abundance of bugs can also be equally as maddening as the city’s drawbacks for some people.

So which comes out on top? It really depends on the person you ask. The younger generations tend to prefer the city because of university and employment opportunities as well as the social lifestyle. The older people amongst us (those ready to leave the stressful environment of the city behind) prefer the quiet solitude of the country. Ultimately, your preferences, finances and family and social ties determine which is better between the two.

About the Author

Adrian Rodriguez is a university student and freelance writer who currently resides in the city of Sydney, but who sees himself browsing for Aberglasslyn real estate in McKeachie’s Run to retire to in his old age.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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