Lucrative Accounting Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

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The basics of being an accountant are the same across all industries, but what may come as a surprise to some people is that there's a lot of variety between different jobs. People who have a head for math and finances can use that gift in a variety of contexts that add whole new layers to otherwise mundane work. Whether someone intends to earn more or support something that he believes in, there's an accounting job that will fulfill his desires.


While auditing may not sound like an exciting career to most, and it's not usually something that accountants are asked to do, it provides accountants with the opportunity to work with some really interesting people. Unique industries require services that others don't, and accountants may find themselves working with dance studios and local actors' troupes. An accountant who would find fulfillment in learning everything about certain niche industries can certainly find opportunities in auditing.

Global Accounting

The world's economy is no longer comprised of numerous disconnected systems. Although nations retain their currencies and their sovereignty, each power is so reliant on every other global power that it's impossible to understand one country without understanding the economics of another. Accountants who know this and make an effort to travel and study other countries' finances can gain a huge advantage in the market, and it's the perfect choice for anyone with a bit of wanderlust.

Environmental Accounting

The world is getting greener, and accountants who can guide businesses down the eco-friendly path can reap financial rewards as they help the environment. The US government is implementing more tax breaks for green tech by the year, and going green is almost always more profitable for businesses in the long-term than sticking with old methods. The problem is that it's difficult to figure out how to juggle profits with ecologically sound investments, and that's a problem that green-loving accountants can solve.

Entertainment Accountants

Actors and singers need to do taxes, too. They also have to manage ungodly amounts of money, and accountants who specialize in show business can lead them through the process and hob nob with famous people at the same time. It's the perfect way to build connections, and it provides someone with enough stories that he won't exhaust all of them within his lifetime.

Accounting for FBI Agents

Becoming a secret agent might be too much for most accountants, but that doesn't mean they can't find a position close to the action. The FBI concerns itself with criminal matters outside the jurisdiction of local police departments, and one of the most vital tasks that the agency performs is discovering and penalizing corporate fraud. Accountants with the know-how to nail big-budget swindlers stand a high chance of landing a position with the agency.

Accounting is More Exciting Than it Seems

Accountants are not slaves to their desks and their pocket calculators. They are as diverse as any other group of people, and there's a high chance that any mild-mannered accountant is living a very interesting life due to his career. It serves to prove that the most mundane things can actually have the most appeal in the right context.

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