Maximize Your Tiny Space

by A Guest Author

Whether you’re a freshman moving into college or moving into your first apartment, you’re probably going to have to deal with a bedroom that is smaller-than-ideal. And you have a lot of stuff that’s probably going to be difficult to stuff in that space. So instead of bringing less stuff, use a few tips and tricks to maximize your storage space and economize the room you’re given.

Storage Drawers

If you are moving into a dorm, it’s guaranteed that there won’t be enough drawer space provided. Dorm drawers tend to be small and shallow, leaving not much room for clothing thicker than a T shirt or a folded pair of jeans. If you’re moving into an apartment, you may only have room for one chest of drawers.

To solve this problem, purchase some plastic drawers that you can store under your bed! If your bed isn’t tall enough, bed risers will do the trick. Storing the extra drawers under your bed clears space for other things, and puts more of your items out of sight.


I know – moving into a dorm or apartment is an excuse to completely redesign how your room looks. You can get a new bed set, new furniture, and new pillows. Everything can match again, and look pulled together. But if you aren’t careful, the new comforter and sheets you choose can actually make your room look cluttered, even if it’s not!

By choosing toned-down colors, you can create a cleaner look. Light colors cause the eyes to slide over the room, while dark colors draw attention to certain objects. Once you have a simple theme, you can always add pillows, frames, and different accessories in a bright color to inject some personality.

Closet Space

An apartment can come with a closet, while a dorm only provides a small armoire. Either way, you never have enough closet space. Ever. But you can easily solve this problem by purchasing a variety of closet organizers.

There are so many different kinds of organizers, you can find the right ones to fit the closet you’re given. There are hanging shelves, where you can slide your shoes into hanging compartments, and slip some folded clothes in, as well. Or put a few shoe boxes on a shelf – store clothes, jewelry, hair products, or anything you want, and it will help keep it organized. In apartments, you can buy more permanent fixtures to economize your closet.

Stack It Up

When you only have so much floor space, it may not be the best idea to spread everything out. In dorms, you may have a mini fridge, a microwave, drawers, suitcases, and more. In apartments, you have all your stuff with you, instead of just a selection for college.

Solve this by stacking! In a dorm, put your microwave on top of your mini fridge. Stack drawers on top of each other in your apartment. By stacking, you can create more space, and more space means you can have more people over!

No matter how small your space is, you can always do something about it. Make sure you stay neat and tidy, get more drawers, pick a clean color scheme, organize your closet, and stack it all up. This way, the clutter will stay out of your life, and you can concentrate on your new life!

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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