My Top 10 Dream Jobs

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Tough job but someone's go to do it

If you’re currently sitting at work drumming your fingers on the desk and wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else, then you can take comfort from the fact that you’re probably not the only one. Although figures vary, the results of different workplace surveys indicate that between 33% and 70% of people are currently unhappy in their jobs. Of course the only way to change this situation is to do to something about it – if you need a bit of inspiration to take some action then here are the top 10 dream jobs to get you started.

1. Chocolate taster. There are few people who would turn down a job sampling this most delectable of treats. This is perhaps not one for those who have too much of a taste for the cocoa-y stuff (the job is ‘taster,’ not ‘eater’ after all…) but this job has lots of potential for discovering new flavour combinations, exploring cocoa growing regions and chocolate types, and offers much more variety than the average desk job.

2. Games tester. This is definitely one for computer games addicts who would no doubt find testing out new games every day an incredible way to make a living. The role basically involves spending hours and hours a day playing new games to ‘test’ them out, to see if there are any problems or bugs in the way the games have been developed before they are released to the public. At a basic level, all you really need is the ability to play the game…

3. Alcohol taster. Whether it’s champagne, beer, wine or spirits a job that involves tasting your favourite tipples for a living is going to be pretty high up on anyone’s dream job list. If you can’t get a full time position in something like this then many companies also employ ‘casual tasters,’ which basically involves being transported to and from the company premises where you are given lots of free samples so that you can provide opinions on a new brew.

4. Luxury bed tester. It might sound like the role of a complete fantasist, but there really are jobs out there where all you have to do is sleep in a bed and then report back the next morning on the experience. Be prepared to offer an objective view on the quality of the beds, as well as the factors you think make for a good night’s sleep. And make sure you fall asleep on the job.

5. Landlord. If you like the idea of earning money whilst not doing very much then being a landlord is the dream job for you. Whilst there are of course obligations of repair and the need to collect rent, you can always pass these over to a letting agent to deal with and go off and sun yourself on a beach.

6. Rock star. You might need a strong liver for this job (plus some musical talent or at least a pretty face…) but playing sell out tours to huge stadiums, travelling the world and singing nightly to thousands of adoring fans is a dream job for a large number of the population – even if the reality of doing it for a living is pretty unlikely. If you’ve decided this is the role for you then you’re going to be facing some stiff competition so hone those vocal skills and develop a pretty thick skin.

7. Ice cream flavor creator. For lovers of ice cream, the chance to spend time tasting lots of existing flavours and then getting to create your own on a daily basis is a dream job like no other. We all know what we like better than anyone else and being the person to launch the new ‘baked Alaska’ or ‘phish food’ and giving hundreds of thousands of people the chance to love your fabulous creations is a satisfying feeling. Just stay away from the horseradish and black pudding…

8. Stylist. For anyone who loved playing ‘dress up’ with their dolls as a kid this is the perfect way to transition into the adult world of work. With access to all the latest fashions, and an obligation to read lots of fashion magazines, the job of a stylist is a fashionista’s dream. Add to that the opportunities to rub shoulders with celebs and the chance to go to all the world’s fashion weeks and you’re looking at some seriously exciting job prospects.

9. Holiday designer. The best thing about being a holiday designer is probably the fact that, in order to put the holidays together, you’re going to have to test them out yourself first. From Caribbean hideaways to fabulous safaris there are all sorts of luxury villas and high-end hotels that are going to require your attention if you’re going to do this job justice. Definitely one for those with a sense of adventure and a love of holidays!

10. Lottery winner. Ok, so it’s not really employment, but the ultimate dream job for many people out there is simply not to have to have a job!

These top 10 dream jobs are the kind of positions that make working seem like an enjoyable experience. For anyone whose job is currently making them feel more dull than delighted, take some inspiration from these stimulating roles and start trying to find your own dream job... or at least buy a lottery ticket!

What's your dream job?

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