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With 4-year university attendance fees increasing, more and more price conscious students are choosing to obtain their general education at cheaper 2-year colleges, prior to transferring to study a bachelor's degree somewhere else. There are several advantages to following this unconventional path. As well as the cash savings transfer students make by going to a community college, they receive a leg up in the job market once they have their associate degree. Also, there are generous scholarships exclusively available to any transfer student, who plans to study for a bachelor's degree. Here are some resources and scholarships for students intending to transfer schools:

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

This scholarship is focused on helping students with academic promise, who come from financially deprived backgrounds. It offers as much as $30000.00 per year to 60 students, who transfer to a top 4 year university from a community college. Students cannot apply for this scholarship directly, and have to receive a nomination for it. You should speak with a representative and indicate your interest in being nominated, if you believe you may qualify.

Also, transfer students intending to study their bachelor's degree in a 4 year college ought to consult, the scholarship locator website. This offers a $2000.00 scholarship to transfer students. Zinch has partnerships with over 5000 US universities and colleges, and offers students who sign up to their site the chance to learn about other scholarships suited to their plans and interests.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This is the biggest non-profit institution supporting Hispanic student education in the US. Hispanic students transferring from community colleges may benefit from the scholarships offered by this organization. The Generation 1st Degree, 1 of the fund's flagship programs, aims for a minimum of 1 member of each Hispanic home to hold a university degree. All of the innumerable scholarships offered by this organization have different deadline dates and requirements. Hence, whatever your circumstances, it is probable that you will discover 1 to fit your particular educational and financial needs.

The Transfer Times

This biannual magazine, which concentrates on issues for transfer students, offers scholarships to students residing in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. The scholarships offered are worth $1000.00 each. Moreover, they are easy and quick to apply for and they are available to everyone, irrespective of financial circumstances or academic ability. The scholarships are awarded in full, when a recipient attends a Transfer Times endorsed university. Students attending a college unaffiliated with the Transfer Times will still obtain $500.00 towards their education fees.

Also, you should check with the university or college you are transferring to, in order to look for scholarships provided specifically by that organization. Lots of schools provide their own transfer scholarships. They do this to appeal to students planning to transfer.

Charlie Snyder Scholarship

This scholarship is available to mechanical engineering students at the Michigan based university in Lake Superior State. It is a non-renewable award allocated to transfer or incoming students. Students have to be registered on an engineering technology or engineering course to apply. Recommendations are required and awards are up to $1500.00.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

This organization offers over $37,000,000.00 in scholarships to members who are completing a relevant degree, and intend on studying a bachelor's degree the following autumn. These scholarships are offered at over 700 affiliated 4-year universities and colleges nationwide. Transferring to a different college can be stressful, however the available scholarships can eliminate much of the financial strain. This allows students to concentrate on making new friends, studying for exams and having a memorable time.

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