No Love at College

by A Guest Author

Let me tell you that for a petite looking girl I have big mouth and sometimes I have an awful attitude to people. I have never been able to control the words that come out of my mouth and have therefore given myself a reputation of being “hard” and not ever been a pushover to anyone. My mouth is so out of context with the way I look. If ever there was a physical fight I would last thirty seconds as my body would just crumble to dust. But for some reason no one ever tests me that far.

Here is the problem that keeps me awake at night and even causes me to have private tears. The problem is that I have fallen in love with a really cute guy here in college. He is a basketball player, he is intelligent and has thick blond hair and is over 6ft. He has beautiful green eyes and a body that makes him a one hundred percent my type.

There is another plus too. He has a great personality. He is friendly to everyone and has the most beautiful smile with perfect teeth. The guy is just pure hunk for me. The amazing thing is that he does not have a girlfriend, and thankfully for me he does not have a boyfriend either.

I have spoken to him in the canteen five or six times. The conversations were short as I was unable to communicate as my tongue just would not work when he is next to me. I have found myself sitting and watching him whenever I can. I even pretend to enjoy basketball and sit in the arena watching him. He is a guy who other guys love to be with.

He took off his shirt at a time out. Gorgeous! I grabbed my phone and started filming him and zooming in and out for a minute before his shirt was replaced. He never saw me filming, but as I put my phone away I noticed his team mate looking at me with a grin. He then went over to my dream man and whispered in his ear and they both looked at me. I went red so quickly and decided to leave.

My dream man followed me grabbed my arm and said he wanted to see the video. Stupidly I did show him and he just smiled. I had no idea what would happen next and just waited for the humiliation that would surely follow. Instead he said he would like to meet me tomorrow.

I just said yes and the next words out of mouth chocked me, “I am not sure as I have my essay editing to do”. As the words came out I nearly fainted for being such an idiot. He must have worked out I was in tongue trouble and said that there is no problem as he will do his essay editing at the same time. He then asked his or mine place?

The words that came out next led me to a great few months in college. The words were “My place 7pm, I live alone”. Perfect!

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Linda Welsh has now managed to control her mouth and is much better for it too.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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