Non Corporate Jobs that Give a Lot of Money

by Kim Bookman

Odd Jobs that are Lucrative

When we were still kids, our parents would tell us that we have to study hard so we can get a great job. But when we are done with our degrees, that’s the time that reality bites. Yes, we get a nice position. In fact, you really look great in your suit. The fact remains however that your salary isn’t enough.

Look around you, there are people who aren’t in business suits. But believe me, they are living the good life. I would like to call them non corporate workers. Their jobs aren’t ‘glamorous’ if you are going to use the modern definition of the word. However, they can afford things which people in suits can’t.

Industrial Welders.  You think that welding can be done by most people. You got that wrong. Just so you know, there are certified welder training schools that are offering special classes for welding. After all, it’s not easy to learn the techniques and skills used in the profession. You have to know which type and process to use for different kinds of metals. Hence, there are even theoretical classes for GMAW, SMAW and MIG Welding. And because of the special skills that you have to get before you weld, they are paid huge amount of cash.

Crocodile Wranglers. If you are adventurous and you need cash, nothing can beat this job. Can you imagine the thrill of playing with beastly crocodiles? It’s as if you are doing a Discovery Channel special each and every day. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this for unfit people. Also, you must have the heart to bear the danger. Otherwise, you might be the next meal.

Chimney Cleaners. Dirty job. This is what they call professions like this. But if you are going to check the money behind it, I’m sure you would want to venture in this too. This is highly suitable in places where there is winter. If you are living in the tropics, I don’t think that you’ll earn huge cash from it. But if you are in New York or places where people would like to heat their homes, this is a must try. You just need to get your cleaning equipment, a safety harness and guts to do it.

Product Testers. When I say product, I mean all sorts of products. If you are lucky, you’ll get to test fantastic food, eyeglasses, bags and even expensive shoes. If not, you’ll go as far as testing dog food or toilet seats. I’m not kidding. Anyway, whatever product it is, you’ll get the fair share.

The above jobs, I must say, are far from being boring. You can enjoy every day of your life while avoiding the strict rules of the corporate world. If you want to try one, do it right now. Let’s see if you’ll enjoy doing it too.

This post was written by Kim Bookman

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