5 Creative and Old-Fashioned Careers

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If you have an appreciation for a time when life was simpler, neighbors were friendlier and computers did not rule the world, then you may be the perfect type for an old fashioned career. Old fashioned careers allow you to immerse yourself in another time period and explore the 1940s or whichever time period thrills you. Maybe you love the 1950s and the experience of being the neighborhood "milk man" who hand-delivers groceries on the doorsteps of neighbors. These careers are alive and well, even today, because people value and appreciate the tradition behind them. Here are five creative and old-fashioned careers that you might want to choose if you have a desire to live in another time period.

1. Neighborhood Milk Man

Neighborhood milk men still exist today! There are some communities in the United States that are intentionally designed so that neighbors can enjoy the lifestyle of those who lived in the 1950s. These neighborhoods tend to be quite conservative and filled with people who enjoy the opportunity to get to truly know each other. If you want to be the neighborhood's friendliest face, then you might think about being a milk man.

2. Glassblower

Glassblowing is an art form that has roots that extend all the way back to the Roman Empire. It also became popular during the 1920s, when households around America had to have the latest Tiffany's glass lamps to show off in their dining rooms. Around this time, the art of glassblowing took off in America and remains as one of the most popular art forms today.

3. History Professor

If you enjoy playing the role of the enigmatic professor, then you may want to become a history professor. History professors enjoy the culture of their profession. They are surrounded by hundreds of other individuals who value tradition and norms in society. The history professor has always had an important role to play in society. If you dream about being able to take people back into different time periods through your lectures, then you will want to become a history professor. You can truly make this an old-fashioned career by choosing not to use computers and disallowing your students from using computers. Getting your students to read ancient books will make them feel like scholars in their own right.

4. Gunsmith

If you dream about creating an elegant rifle or pistol, then becoming a gunsmith will satisfy your need to create. Gunsmiths have been around for years, and these professionals help create and mold the shells for guns. They also have an eye for antiques, and they are able to determine the value of guns simply by looking at them. If you want to know the value of one of your guns, you can take it to a gunsmith. A gunsmith can also repair guns and update your gun with additional features.

5. Logger

Loggers have the task of chopping down wood and selling it to local hardware stores, construction companies and other entities that use wood. Loggers have been around since the founding of America, and people are drawn to this career for the pure physical labor it requires. If you love the idea of putting in a hard day's work, then you will enjoy being a logger.

When you want to enjoy a lifestyle that is more grounded in tradition, then you may want to choose one of these careers. Your career directly impacts the type of lifestyle you have, and you can achieve your dream old-fashioned lifestyle by choosing a career that helps you interact more with people or put in a day of hard work.

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