Post College Transfer: Reasons to Join the Sisterhood or a Sorority

by Chad Agrawal

greek-college-transferCollege transfer invites a bevy of new and beneficial life experiences.  Scores of younger women augment college life by joining a sorority, an extended family of sisterhood.  Moreover, sororities are not immediate on-campus clubs.  Membership and acceptance lasts a lifetime, affording members a number of benefits.

Read why so many consider sorority membership each semester.  Is sorority life right for you?  The following benefits can’t hurt.


Charity work is helpful to others and intrinsically rewarding.  Sororities choose specific charities, lending funds and physical assistance for events and causes.  Philanthropic pursuits create great life lessons, teaching individual members about morals and ethics.


Though sororities are communities, events and causes give members opportunity to take important individual roles.  Many women seek advanced roles in business settings, and leadership is learned through experience.  Sorority leadership experiences are great for one’s resume, making candidates appealing to management and hiring executives.


Academics is not just an expectation, put an investment.  Aside from social interactions, sororities give members opportunity to form study groups.  Sisters receive academic guidance from senior members.  In some instances, sororities prefer active members maintain a particular GPA.

Social Functions

Sorority members benefit, engaged in a solid and ongoing social circle.  Members build relationships with in-sorority sisters, but the extension of on-campus Greek society enables members to meets hundreds more.  Students benefit from socializing with people from different locations and backgrounds.


Greeks often wear t-shirts from Greek Streak, a custom Greek apparel printer or other providers.  Athletics are popular with Greek societies.  Intramural sports games of kickball, Frisbee, bowling and more range from highly intense to social in purpose.  Good health and proper exercise fuels a prosperous social and academic life.  Sororities provide members with a well-rounded lifestyle, offering opportunities for engaging in a range of exercise.


A large percentage of incoming freshmen change majors at least once throughout college.  While colleges accommodate fickle students, changing majors warrants different requirements, more classes and increased tuition.  Changing direction costs, but sorority sisters have access to elders, those who can give them sound and practical advice about life in the coming years, and how best to prepare.


Depending on the size of the campus, one can feel lonely in after transferring to university.  Sororities offer sisters the assurance of community.  You’re never alone when sisters are a few rooms or a phone call away.  While academics is the main focal point, research shows well-adjusted students get better grades, hosting better study and life habits.

Why are many young women looking forward to future campus life?  Sororities offer:

  • Opportunity to partake in numerous charities
  • Chances to develop leadership skills
  • A community for academic achievement
  • Micro and macro window of social opportunity
  • A range of intramural sporting events
  • Younger sisters access to the wisdom of older members
  • Immediate and long-term community

Read individual Web sites, request literature, and seek social media channels of interested transfer colleges and sororities within.  Sorority membership is permanent, so research ahead of pledging.

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Jaime Sunday is an experienced sorority leader. She often blogs about Greek life and its impact on success.

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