You Just Graduated; Now What?

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The big day has come and gone. You've finally graduated from college. You have that degree to show for all your hard work and dedication. But, now what? Now that it's all over, what's your next move?

College graduation marks the end of one chapter in your life, and the beginning of the next. What you do with that next chapter is entirely up to you, and there's not right or wrong path to take.

Start the Job Hunt

By far the most common path recent grads take, the job hunt is always there. In this economy, it's wise to start looking for a job early on. Keep the networking going and apply for job openings whenever you can.

Travel the World

Always had a hankering to see the world? Now might be the perfect time to do it. Recent grads don't have to worry about classes anymore, and if you haven't started your first "real" job, you are free as a bird.


There are all kinds of volunteer groups you can join. From local chapters to national organizations, there are teams out there who could use your help. Volunteering is a great resume booster and an excellent way to follow your passion and use your skills.

Take a Break

Burnt out from college? If you have the chance, go ahead and take a quick break. Recharge your batteries and relax for some time. Do some house hunting, start a garden or just kick back and relax.

Work on the Bucket List

Are there things you want to do but just haven't had the chance to yet. Well, your chance is here! Go skydiving, hike a famous peak or start that novel. What ever it is that you dream of accomplishing, get a start on it.

Hone Your Skills

Some of the most successful people have become highly skilled in very niche areas. If this interests you, take some time to hone your skills. Do some internships or take some time to develop your talents and then build a portfolio based on them. You'll be much more prepared for the work force if you take some time to do this now.

Keep Going

If you just earned your bachelor's degree, why not pursue your master's degree? If college was your thing, or if you plan on entering a field where a master's degree will give you an edge, consider applying for grad school. You can also look into online school programs that let you earn your degree while you pursue other things.

No matter what you decide to do, remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Recent grads have all kinds of doors open to them, and time to explore their options. Take your time, try some new things and pursue your passion.

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