PR graduate schemes for the class of 2012

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PR graduate schemes for the class of 2012

So you’ve worked (and probably partied) hard through university, you’ve got your degree and the photograph of you holding a scroll in a gown and mortarboard is on you mum’s mantelpiece. You’ve graduated and you’re quite right to be proud of yourself. Gaining a degree is no mean feat, but there’s a lot more hard work yet to come. You’ve got to make that degree count if you’re looking for a PR job in an employment market hit by the worst depression since the 1930s.

In 2010 and estimated 1 in 5 graduates were unemployed and many that were in work were employed in positions not related to their degree. While statistics for graduate employment rose slightly in 2011, graduates in 2012 will find themselves competing with previous years’ graduates and people made redundant during the economic downturn. In short, it will be tough. But it’s not all bad news.

PR graduate schemes

Don’t listen to only the bleak news you hear about job prospects and employment rate. It’s clear that companies out there are still hiring and looking for the right people for jobs in PR.

Like job vacancies, graduate schemes are increasingly hard to find, but what makes all the difference for those looking for such a scheme is perseverance and application. If you’re in your final year of uni, you should start looking for and applying to graduate schemes now. The earlier the better. Be aware, most graduate schemes can afford to be a little choosier in their recruitment than they have been in the past and will require a good level degree – expect to be asked for a 2:1 or above.

Where to start

Research is the first thing. Look in to companies that interest you and keep abreast with what they’re offering in terms of schemes. Don’t be afraid to cold-call a company to introduce your self and explore the options. Check jobsites for opportunities and schemes on a regular basis. Career fairs are an excellent way of making contacts and finding out more about what’s on offer, so make sure you’re there, dressed smartly and clutching plenty of copies of your CV.

If you can afford the time, consider internships. Taking an internship can be an excellent way to gain experience and get a foot in the door of that company you’d love to work for. While you’re not guaranteed anything from an internship, you will find you develop excellent skills for your CV and contacts for you phonebook.

Keep going

Yes the statistics make for depressing reading for those coming out of uni in the coming years, but those who persevere and never give in will be the ones who make it into a rewarding job that relates to their degree. As well as making those useful contacts, applying to opportunities and researching those PR graduate schemes, don’t forget to polish those smart shoes and practice your interview techniques because you will get there if you have the grade and just keep trying.

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