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College StudentsNow that it’s autumn, chances are good that you (or your college student child) have settled into the new collegiate routine,. You now know which buildings to go to, can navigate a crowded eatery with a loaded tray (salad and fruit, of course) and have figured out which hottie in psych you’ll spend the rest of the semester working up the guts to ask out.

If you’re lucky, you’ll pull off the fine balancing act that is college with aplomb, earning the renown of fellow students and professors alike. And if you’re smart, you’ll make promo codes your new best friend.

Promo codes have the potential to put you way ahead of the curve, in both goods and savings. Maybe your mom is an avid grocery couponer, but you never understood what all the fuss was about. As it happens, your mom savvy was definitely onto something. Promo codes (also known as coupon codes) are a big deal, because they will save you money on things you already love and things you didn’t realize you were missing!

So What Are Promo Codes?

Promo codes come in all sorts of variants, but they’re most commonly phrases or words, usually a mash-up of letters and numbers, that net you big savings when you shop with internet merchants. For example, a hot online boutique with fabulous leather boots could offer a promo code for 30 percent off your total purchase. During check out there will be a box where you can enter the code, say, 30PERCENTFALL, and before you complete check out, you will see that discount reflected in the total. It’s really that simple.

Where Do I Find Them?

Oh you know, that place you already spend 85 percent of your waking hours – the internet. If you’ve purchased from an online retailer before, you’ve probably received follow-up emails from them for sales and specials. These emails usually contain promo codes. What you might not realize, too, is that sites like organize and compile up-to-the-moment promo codes (important, because the windows of use are often narrow and an expired code won’t work) for you to browse.

You might be wondering how pertinent promo codes really are to your busy, esteemed life of academia now. The answer could surprise you, and the next time you go to buy something online, stop and ask yourself, “Is there a promo code for that?”

Here are some great places to find deals that any college student would love...

College Promo Codes For Food!

Since the freshman 15 is more myth than reality (experts suggest five pounds is closer to the truth), you’re okay going ahead and ordering that late-night study snack once in a while. Hey, studying for midterms is taxing. Before you buy, though, consider promo codes for joints like Papa John’s, which run specials like a free pizza with a $10 purchase or 25 percent off your total bill. Pizza Hut and Domino’s are both definitely in on promo codes, and as they are among the most popular (and populous) crusty pie providers, you’re sure to benefit.

Gyms Deals For College Students

We all know break-ups are hard, but it’s even worse when you keep running into your ex at the school gym facilities, where you’re trying to work off that huge bowl (okay, carton) of chocolate ice cream. Don’t fret. Plenty of gyms offer coupon codes for free weekly passes, reduced monthly rates or little perks and extras when you sign up. Check out Youfit, Gold’s or Life Time Fitness.

Clothes For A New College Wardrobe - Cheap!

Now that you’re looking so confident, the dates will be lining up at your dorm room door. Do your parents a favor and when you use that credit card Mom and Dad got you “for emergencies only,” use promo codes to help mitigate the bill. For the girls, wildly popular retailers like Forever 21 offer steep discounts of up to 50 percent off with codes. Ladies and gentlemen alike will appreciate the deals offered by Old Navy and the Gap, Hollister, American Eagle and Aeropostale. You were going to buy those $60 jeans anyway, weren’t you? Be smart about it!

Promotion Codes For Upgrading College Technology

If having the latest and greatest gadget is important to you, check out deals like 25 percent off from Dell or 20 percent off Android phones from Boost Mobile. The latest Verizon promo code could net you the coolest phone for a fraction of the cost, plus free shipping to boot.

The sky is the limit, folks. Promo codes exist for transportation (check out the Greyhound site for student deals, airline sites for flight discounts, etc.) and even textbooks. Big sites like Amazon let you double up your coupons for even more savings!

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Penelope Wu is a contributing writer and working mother who coupons like it’s her job. She has gotten her extended family together for numerous reunions, thanks to strategic coupon code use.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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