Do I Have To Retake My SATs To Transfer From Community College?

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Many students are asking the question of whether they have to retake their SAT when transferring from one college to the other. The issue of the retaking your SAT for community college transfer is therefore of one of great significance.

The SAT is put into use by colleges when accepting students for various programs and courses. During admission, the SAT is what colleges use to evaluate the performance and academic capability of the students. Therefore, it is obviously important for you as a student to make sure that you get the best SAT scores when looking to transfer from community college. This is why some colleges take interest in the SAT when admitting community college transfer students into their institutions.

The Requirements for a Community College Transfer Student

The SAT requirement for a freshman is different from that of a transferring student. This does not mean that transferring students should not work on their SAT. There are colleges that require the SAT to community college transfer. This means you have to retake the SAT when transferring. On the other hand, many are those that do not require you to retake the SATs. These colleges will evaluate your performance based on the past SAT results and current GPA standing. This in turn relieves you of the pressure of retaking these tests. This is why there is need for a student to make sure that past SAT scores are impressive, as they might be put into use elsewhere.

However, there are those colleges that will require you to present them with your recent SAT scores. If you are transferring to such a college, then you have to retake these tests, which will allow for your evaluation to be on your current performance. On the other hand, you might find it necessary to retake your SAT if the past results are not impressive. When transferring, note that low SAT scores might influence negatively on your eligibility to transfer from community college to university. In this case, if you want to make sure that you get a chance of transferring to Ivy League or other top universities, you have to retake the SAT and get higher scores.

Another factor that is under consideration during the transfer from one college to the other is that of the number of credits. The lower the number of credits, the more likely you are to retake the SAT. However, if you have at least 30 credits, then you might not have to retake the SAT especially if you have a good GPA. This is mainly because most colleges will not require you to present your SAT scores if you have attained the minimum number of credits required for a transfer.

You need to note that depending on your year of study, the community college transfer requirements are usually different. For juniors, it is easier as they do not require a large number of credits. However, if you have been studying for two years or more, then it might be harder for you to transfer from one college to the other. This is because the minimum number of credits required will be more, or you might only be able to transfer a maximum number of credits from community college.

Depending on the institution, that is if they require the SAT for admissions or not, there might be no need for you to retake your SAT while attending community college. However, you can retake your SAT if you feel that they will help in boosting your performance report so you can continue learning how to transfer from community college to Ivy League. This is especially if you do not have the minimum number of credits required by most colleges. Therefore, you might have to retake the SAT depending on the college, your past SAT scores as well as the minimum credit while attending a 2 year community college.

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