Safety Tips for Working While in Community College

by Rachel Conway


For many people, the college experience will include a part-time or full-time job in addition to classes and study. Working while studying may not seem like it could become a hazard, there can be a downside to maintaining a job while in school. However, those who decide to take on the responsibility of working while in college should consider a few tips that will help them maintain their mental and physical health.


College students, especially young ones, may underestimate the importance of sleep and may blow off getting a good few hours rest in favor of cramming for that next exam. However, those who do not get enough sleep can fall victim to several health hazards and may possibly even fall asleep at the wheel while driving. Furthermore, exhaustion can also become a problem and actually lead to a mental crash in addition to other physical health problems.

This is why it is important to get enough sleep throughout the tenure of a college career. If possible, try to limit the hours of work each day or at least schedule longer work days on shorter class days. In college a class may only meet two to three times a week, so this should be kept in mind when scheduling classes and work schedules. No matter what, sleep always needs to be an essential part of the schedule.

Health Services

It is also important to know what types of health services are available at the college. Even a small case of a cold can become much more without the proper care. Furthermore, college campuses and even workplaces are known to be denizens of disease, so it is important to be aware of any outbreaks of any diseases like flu and meningitis. Checking in with health services every once in a while should be part of the routine.

Mental Health Services

While physical health is very important, it is inevitably tied to mental health. Exhaustion can lead to many different kinds of problems and the body can respond physically to mental damage. For instance, the immune system can weaken when the body does not get enough sleep, so it is more susceptible to disease. Having access to mental health services is just as important as having access to doctors when the time comes for care.

Students who must work in addition to studying may especially need mental health care. Many people are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit they need mental health care, but these services can include practicalities such as counseling. Counselors or mentors may be able to help students learn how to better manage their time so that they do not burn out or end up suffering from exhaustion.

Health Insurance

Of course, some students may sleep better knowing they have the insurance to take care of their physical and mental health. In some cases, some health services are provided to students, but there are other concerns such as hospital stays or temporary care situations that are not covered under the cost of tuition. This is when it is important to have some extra health insurance in case of these kinds of emergencies.

Furthermore, many students who work as well as study may also have family obligations. College health services may not cover other family members. A good policy needs to cover everyone in the family from the youngest child to the oldest parent. There are many things to consider when looking for a good health insurance policy, but students should find out if the school works with an insurance agency to provide students with affordable but well-rounded policies.

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