Saving on Decorating Your College Dorm

by A Guest Author

Moving into a new house, apartment, or even college dorm? If so, you’re bound to find a few things within your new space; blank walls, empty corners, and a whole lot of potential, but maybe it’s too much potential. Not only can your new space be overwhelming; it can be costly and hard to fill. Filling your house with furniture isn’t cheap and with all this stress something like decorating just starts to seem frivolous and unnecessarily expensive. This shouldn’t be the case. Having a space to call your own means making it a space you feel completely comfortable in. If you know you’ll feel comfortable surrounded by unpacked brown cardboard boxes sleeping in a sleeping bag on your very “hard” wood floor, then don’t even bother reading this article. But if you’re the sort of person that wants to come home, plop onto the couch of your choosing and feel right at home in an environment that is perfect for you, don’t worry. It doesn’t always have to be expensive.

So where do you begin. Decide your situation. Are you a fledgling adult, tricycling your way into the world through your college dorm? Your options are limited but I can help. Moving up into an apartment with maybe one or two roommates and ready to batten down the hatches of the stresses of adult life by providing yourself with a sumptuous bed and a ready set television? Maybe you need a little more on the walls and in the windows, but you don’t need too much as you know you need to pay rent at the end of the month. Or are you about to take a big step, maybe by yourself, maybe with someone special and look into purchasing? Whether it be an apartment or a house, this is a big step that you cannot do alone, and if you don’t have someone going in on it with you at least you have me here to give you some important tips.

Decide Your Taste:

Once you decide your taste it will be easier for you to find cheaper things. There are many cheap websites that will lessen your load and ease your budget and at the same time give you exactly what you desire, but first you need to know what you want. So what is it that you want? Are you a kitchen fanatic, or are you all about your perfect living room? The bedroom your haven, or is the bathroom where you go to get comfortable? Once you decide you need to know where to start looking. There are some places you can go that are all around cheap for everything. Ikea ( is a great place to find little things for everything you might need. Other furniture stores can be really expensive, and even the more inexpensive ones can be avoided if you shop wisely. Try ordering online, or look for discounts. If you are bold look for furniture at thrift stores and garage sales. Walmart is a great place to get kitchen supplies and storage for cheap. Do research before you go out shopping look up what stores might have things you like. If you’re into goth, try to find a store where you could purchase household objects that fit this theme. The same goes for any other style. The options are all out there.

Know Your Space:

This is extremely important. Sometimes you don’t always have the freedom you wish you did when it comes to decorating. If you’re living in a college dorm you have to know that you’re going to be sharing a small space with very few people and you’ll only be there for a year. Does this mean you shouldn’t decorate? Of course not! Decorate in ways that won’t take long to set up, or take down. Impermanent posters, or cool interesting wall decorating ideas are the way to go. Don’t even bother thinking about painting - it isn’t allowed - and when you decorate make sure you aren’t encroaching on your roommates space. The better you know your space the easier it will be able to save. Not only can living in an impermanent space be easy to decorate, better yet, it’s cheap. If you don’t have to spend money on paint and paint brushes and and floor covers and all you have to worry about is tape and a poster or some other cheap decorating idea you found online then you’ll find yourself spending less and less. To find interesting cheap decorating ideas check out websites like and If you’re ready to build your dream house and this is the one, the decorating is going to need to be a little more permanent than if you’re living with roommates or in a dorm. When you buy furniture make sure its exactly what you want and that you know for sure it will work with the space. Map it all out, draw up diagrams, get an image of what you want for your dream house in advance before you accidentally spend money on something you don’t actually want.

As creatures of habit, we love a comfortable space. Make yours as comfortable as possible with as little money as possible.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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