School’s Out for Summer?

by A Guest Author

Nightschool classes have a somewhat unfashionable image, and conjure up the image of nerdy teenagers trying to improve their A level grades or lonely middle-aged men trying to find love in a Spanish conversation class. The reality however couldn’t be further from the truth, and as well as being a good way to learn new skills, night classes are the ideal way to widen your social circle.


Nearly every college in the country runs a night school programme, although this will often be branded as Leisure Classes or Lifelong Learning. Most of the classes take place in the traditional classroom settings, but leisure centres or kitchens are also used. Local libraries are a great place to start the search for a night class which appeals to you, and the librarian can help narrow down the search in terms of subject, day and location. Very few of the non-academic courses have entry qualifications or a minimum age to take part.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can learn at a night class. Salsa dancing, foreign languages, motor maintenance, Indian cookery or pottery are all offered for adults, and there are also the traditional subjects such as Maths or Biology. If you’ve always had the hankering for handmade oak bedside cabinets, sign up for a carpentry course and learn to make your own. Pottery classes will teach you the skills to make mugs, bowls or dinner plates, and silversmithing classes will guarantee your jewellery is a one-off, designer original. An added bonus is that once you get some practice, those necklaces, mugs and oak bedside cabinets make ideal gifts for friends and family.

Strength In Numbers

Going to a night class is great fun, and you are almost guaranteed to meet someone who is friendly and interested in the same things as you. It does take some confidence to turn up at a class for the first time on your own though, and for newbies to the concept of night classes it is sometimes best to go with a friend, or with a small group of friends. When attending classes with people you already know the temptation is not to speak to strangers, but it is important to be open to meeting new people and involving them in your group.


Most night classes do not require additional study or homework, but there is nothing to stop you from showing off your new skills to friends and family. If you learn how to make a truly authentic curry or other dish, you will definitely want to replicate the dish at home for friends and family and impress them with your abilities. Some other classes will ask for assignments to be handed in, but this is more usually the case with the traditionally academic courses. In other subjects you may be given items to complete at home or revision to do to consolidate your skills, but this should not be time-consuming and if the subject is interesting, won’t be a chore at all.


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This post was written by A Guest Author

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