Selfish People at College

by A Guest Author

My goodness are not people so selfish in this world? I have never come across so many people in one place that are so mean and only care for themselves I have here in my new college. This place seems to have been built on the word “mean” and petty and shows my generation to be spoiled and shows a lack of empathy and humanity to others. Harsh words I know.

I am not someone who has lived in a bubble in some remote village in the neither hills, nor am I some liberal who has a clouded mind. In fact this college is my second college because due to personal circumstances I had to change half way through the year. My previous college was full of really nice caring and sharing people. That caring and sharing led to some great friends. When I moved here I had no reason not to believe it would not be the same.

Here in this pompous college people only care about themselves. There is no helping others with homework or essay editing. There is no help with giving free advice on any subject, without someone asking ‘What is in it for me?”. If you want to borrow a kettle for two minutes you get told no. If I wanted advice on which class I need to go to next I get short change. If I need to get a book from the library and I ask for assistance the library staff show utter contempt to me the customer.

I am only three hundred miles from my original college, but it seems that I have travel to a time and place where humans actually have lost the ability to be civil and helpful to each other. I just fail to understand why those few hundred miles have made such a big difference. It is not that this college is in a poorer or richer area than the previous as I would say they really are the same.

The college is as modern as the previous and the place is of the same quality in terms of buildings and equipment. The only thing different is that most of the people here are just so horrible. I never realized that this would cause me so much stress, as now I find myself spending most of my non class hours in my room alone. I cannot believe that I left all my great friends to come here to lead a lonely and boring life.

I hope that I will at least meet someone to become a friend here. I hope that I will be brave enough to go out on my own too to make it happen. But for now it is the TV and my essay editing that keeps my lonely evenings filled.

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Paula Line is still bored at college and regrets the move.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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