Selling Your Scooter After A Community College Transfer

by A Guest Author

Community College Transfer Students

It’s been your stalwart companion throughout community college, ferrying you to campus, parties and everywhere in between. But while a scooter or moped might be the ideal transportation for community college, it might be time to send your devoted scooter onto a new grateful owner. One of the big reasons for community college transfer students to sell their scooters is access to public transportation and the lack of parking on at larger colleges. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new ride, or if you need some quick cash to pay some of those school bills, here are a few things to be aware of when you’re ready to sell your wheels.

Get the right price:  If you are planning on selling the scooter on your own, call local dealers to find out what they would charge for a similarly used scooter in working condition. You’ll probably have to knock a few bucks off your asking price from this number, since buyers might trust a dealer more than an independent seller, but this will put you in the ballpark.

Put in some elbow grease: A tune-up and a thorough cleaning will go a long way toward attracting a dedicated buyer. Although putting money into a bike you’re retiring may seem counter-intuitive, it will help you justify the asking price and protect you from haggling. Change the tires, grease the chains and give it a full detailing, not just a quick wash.

Write an attractive ad: Other than the basics (price, make, model, color and mileage), include a picture of your freshly washed scooter ready for its new owner. Include the reasons that made YOU want a scooter – great mileage, convenient parking, low maintenance and insurance costs.

Pro Tip: Be creative with your advertisement. If you live in a big city or a college town, you can avoid the many scammers and tough customers on Craigslist by taking advantage of scooter forums and groups, student newspapers or other free publications.

Be wary of test drives: While the test drive is a time-honored tradition of the automobile purchase, you are just one unskilled freshman away from seeing your scooter go from ship-shape to a scrap heap. It is okay to ask for the full purchase price before you allow a test ride, especially if you are selling a high-end scooter.

Pro Tip: Don’t provide your home address in the ad or in follow-ups. Agree to meet at a neutral location for the buyer to see and test the bike. Unfortunately, you may run into some unscrupulous buyers – so be careful!

Above all, be patient until you find the right buyer. Your scooter carried you dutifully throughout your 2 year community college career. If you are not comfortable with a buyer, or if they are not meeting your asking price, it is okay to back out of a sale. If you don’t need cash immediately, think about holding off on your ad until the start of the fall semester. New students (and their parents) will be on the lookout for good deals and will be highly motivated to buy before the start of the semester.

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Vance Miller is a writer/blogger for Bintelli Scooters and works in a college town. He enjoys riding scooters and appreciates the economical advantage they offer students who need to travel some distance to class.

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