Sharing a Room at College

by A Guest Author

Maybe most of you guys are very spoilt when it comes to the sleeping requirements you had in your parents’ home. Lucky for me I had my own room from the moment I can first remember. I could use it as my play room, my room to rest, my music room, my computer room. Sometimes I actually used it as my bedroom.

The point is that was my actual room, and I very rarely had to share it with anyone. I could sing out loud, watch video and TV, I could even have that all important alone times that teenage boys require. It was my messy oasis.

Now I am experiencing a little bit of a cultural shock. I am at college and for the very first time having to share a room. I absolutely hate this new situation. I just do not feel I can relax, and my roommate is not someone I would ever have liked to choose as a friend when I was at other school.

I suppose we all have annoying habits or ways of doing things. He does not try to sleep until 2am, whereas I try to close my eyes at 10pm. He does not wear headphones and listens to music until 2am. I keep asking him if he could wear a headset, but he just says he will turn it down. It lasts a few minutes and the volume creeps up again. So annoying.

I wake up at seven, and most of the time he stumbles out of bed at 11am. I try to be polite and quite during the morning, which in itself frustrates me. I find that he automatically uses my toiletries and towels. He constantly helps himself to cookies that are not his.

I have asked him several times not to use or consume my stuff, but it just seems to be automatic for him to use other peoples stuff. He also has to sleep with a light on all through the night, which for me is a pain. I have never been able to sleep with anything bright around me.

We have nothing in common. He has a girlfriend at home, I have none. He has a car, I do not. He has a need for really trendy clothes (although he spreads them all over the room), I have basic student clothes. He has the need to talk to me all the time. I just want peace and tranquility. He thinks I am his friend, and I absolutely know I have no intention of being his friend.

The only relief I get is when we are in a separate class, and I find I can unwind. Of course I am having no real time to relax. I am having no proper me down time anymore. I actually find that I would prefer to do essay editing than return to my room when he is there. I promise you I will never take having my own room for granted ever again. What a choice I have. To do more essay editing, or go and spend time in my room with him?

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Simon Powell is hoping that his next room mate will be his girlfriend.

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