Short Term Community College Benefits

by Chad Agrawal

Welcome to part 2 of the 17 Little Known Benefits of Going To Community College. In part 1, we discussed the immediate benefits of going to community college. Now, in part 2, we'll show you the Short Term Benefits of Community College. Finally, in part 3, we give you the Long Term Advantages of Community College.

The short term benefits of a community college are important for your personal direction and future from community college to university. Read on to learn more about the short term benefits.

Short Term Benefits of Community College

8. Nurturing Professors - For the majority of community college professors, teaching at community college is a choice. They want to see you grow, learn and succeed. Community college professors are very accessible and helpful. Take the time to know your professors and you'll have some powerful resources when it comes time to transfer.

9. Credits That Transfer - Transferring credits from community college to university is like buying cheap stocks that will be worth 25x in just 2 years. If you work hard and transfer to Ivy League or Tier 1 universities, you'll find that the credits that only cost you $2,000 are suddenly worth $50,000. Not a bad deal!

10. Get The Require Courses Done - At a 4-year-college, you have to take a basic core of courses. Thankfully, you'll have those done and out of the way by attending community college. The liberal arts core will help "knock out" those require courses so you can focus on your major after transferring to university.

11. Time To Figure It Out - Whether or not you've decided your major, community college can help. If you are not sure about your field of interest, community college's liberal arts courses will help give you more exposure to different subjects you don't get to see in high school (like Anthropology or Sustainability). If you are decided on your major, taking a "smattering" of courses can help validate your decision.

12. "Speed Date" Universities - During your time at community college, you can visit your friends at other colleges in different cities. These visits are much different than the usual campus tour. You're likely to visit your friends when things are happening on campus and get to be part of the university for a weekend. That experience can help you decided what you like or don't like about a university much more than a regular tour.

Benefits 8 - 12 will make anyone appreciate the time and money spent at community college. In the next post, part 3: Long Term Advantages of Community College, you'll find out how community college impacts your future careers and opportunities.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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