Single Parents Can Still Pursue Dream Careers with Online Degrees

by Jessie White

Single Parents Can Still Pursue Dream Careers with Online Degrees

Being a single parent is hard, but going back to school to earn a degree you’ve always wanted doesn’t need to make things any more difficult. Attending an online university can let you be available for your kids while taking you where you want to go, and there are many other advantages too.

1. You Can Save Money on Daycare

Daycare bills can add hundreds of dollars to your monthly expenses, and paying this amount to attend classes when you don’t have much income can make your financial life much more difficult. By taking college courses online, you won’t have to pay this extra bill, because you can do your school work while your kids run around the house or lay sound asleep in their beds.

2. You Can Work Around Your Children’s Schedules

If you have one child that goes to school, you can be there to put him on the school bus or take him to school in the morning before starting your own school work for the day, and you'll be there when he gets home. Traditional universities often have some classes only available in the early morning or late afternoon, making it difficult to fit classes into your schedule. Online classes are flexible, letting you log in and do your coursework when it works best for you.

3. You Won’t Miss Classes Because of Sick Kids

Even if daycare is within your budget, sick kids can throw a wrench in your plans. Most daycares won’t accept children that are ill, meaning your sick child will have to stay home. Professors don’t usually let you miss an exam because your kids are sick, so your grades can really suffer. If you are taking courses through an online university, you can still do your schoolwork with sick kids at home, or you can take the day off to relax and watch cartoons with them.

4. You Can Still Follow Your Dreams

Just because you are a single parent doesn’t mean your dreams are dead. Going back to school when your children are young is the perfect time, because you will be ready to pursue your dream career when they get a little older. All you need to do is log into your online classes and get going!

5. You Can Spend Time with Your Children

One of the biggest regrets of many single parents is that they missed too much time with their children while they were young, because they were always working. If going back to school is part of your plan, you can miss so many precious moments while you are away from your children. If you choose to take classes online, you can be there for your child’s first step, decide on a whim to go out for lunch together, or go along on a class field trip. Most working parents miss these moments, but you can take advantage of every single one!

If you decide to go back to school to earn your degree, take advantage of the many benefits an online degree can offer you. Not only will you be available for your kids, but it can save you a lot of money too!

This post was written by Jessie White

Jessie White is a freelance blogger and mom of three kids. If you're looking to take classes online as a single parent, Jessie wants you to know that the best affordable online RN to BSN Programs are great for single parents who need time to take care of their kids while completing their degree.

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