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We’ve all probably read our fair share of resume tips over the years but have any of them dealt with the perspective we’re meant to have when preparing one; this is the objective of this resume tips article. Have you ever stopped to consider your resume past just updating or amending it? We all understand that a resume is something we need to get jobs, but not everyone takes that line of thought a step further and asks how it’s supposed to work. What you need to ask yourself is what exactly your resume is; tips and examples tend to be templates with which we fill in whatever we can to bolster the document but without understanding what it is supposed to be, a template is a pointless exercise.

Function Is Key

On the question of how to write a resume, tips and examples tend to explain what a resume is and break down the different sections you should have and how it looks. However what a resume is doesn’t even compare to how important the function of one is. It’s more important that your resume be an object that gets your foot in the door and sells your skills, regardless of formatting or how it looks.

Personal Branding and You

There is a new social media buzz word going around that might make one or two people uncomfortable; personal branding. We, as human beings, may have been selling and promoting ourselves as early as language was developed but we seem to be awkward about it in this day and age; as least using the new processes at our disposal. The resume is a sales pitch and the product is you since you need to convince your prospective employers to bet on you. As far as tips go, the best resume is going to sell a skill set that fits exactly what a potential employer wants. The value you present needs to be clearly and concisely presented since anything unrelated to the job, no matter how impressive, will mist up the obvious contributions you can make to the position.

Remember the Three

As far as tips and advice go for resumes, the cardinal rule is to never lie or falsely advertise yourself; less can be more when it comes down to decision time. One of the most important tips when writing your resumes is that you need to know your audience; that resume you made for a banking position will not work so well for an advertising position because employers will be looking for different things in either. As far as actually writing the resume goes, you also need to get to the point, with potential employers trawling through hundreds of applications; your consideration and ability to communicate effectively will be noticed and appreciated. Resume tips may come and go, but a few cardinal truths will never fade; don’t lie, pitch to your audience and get to the point.

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Eugene Calvini is a writer who has gone from office space to let to becoming a leading career consultant; he enjoys sharing his advice and perspective with others.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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Sandy Dsouza July 9, 2012 at 5:51 am

Amazing post on resume tips. If a job hunters follow these smart tips, then they will definitely get their dream job.


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