Spend Your Spring Break Stateside

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Let’s be honest: your requirements for spring break are usually beach, beach, bikinis, and beach. You want to get an early start on your tan, meet some people as excited about partying as you, and lay around on warm sands all day. However, you also want to experience new things. You are young, and if you have the chance to travel somewhere, you should take it.

Instead of going to the beach, try going somewhere new. The US is filled with unique and wonderful places to see, and it’s never too early to start planning. Pick any of the five destinations listed below, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time, even if there are fewer bikinis. These are off the beaten path, and will occupy you with creative activities.

Charleston, South Carolina

Stay in lovely historic South Carolina, and take part in shameless sigh seeing. Well-kept gardens abound, adding splashes and swatches of color to the historic homes you can see. Since Charleston will be warm come spring break, you can stay outside all day, visiting plantations, walking from museum to museum, and waterparks. Enjoy the myriad offerings of South Carolina; there is something to suit every taste.

Houston, Texas

Another city with a healthy mix of activity options, Houston is yours for the taking. Visit the Museum District, the Kemah Boardwalk (offering amusement parks rides and a beachy nightlife), Splashtown (a water park), and the downtown aquarium. Enjoy hearty Southern and Tex-Mex food like you’ve never experienced before. The Space Center offers simulators that make you feel like you’re in space. Feel like a kid again in this city.

Savannah, Georgia

The paranormal has always fascinated mankind, and you can experience the nation’s most haunted city, Savannah. Tour the gorgeous and vivacious city by day, visiting the statues, districts, ornate homes, and the Savannah River. At night, go on different ghost tours, led by knowledgeable guides. After the tour, have a nice dinner and drink away your fears. To put your spring break over the top, stay in a haunted hotel, like the Kehoe House.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

I know, I know: Alabama?! But, located right on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores offers white sand beaches and beautiful waters.  Go parasailing during the day, then visit a casino or two at night. To round out your trip, stay in the luxurious Crytal Towers condominiums in Gulf Shores – you can afford to with the money you saved by staying in the states! This gets you the classic spring vacation without the other screaming college kids.

Williamsburg, Virginia

This is the premiere place to go for those who love both history and the contemporary. Stepping foot into Colonial Williamsburg is like going back in time, and you can spend days exploring the old-fashioned “shoppes” and sprawling mansions. For a more modern time, head over to Busch Gardens amusement park. Spend a day in Jamestown, then go to the Williamsburg Winery for a drink, or play some mini golf (which you’re never too old for) at Pirate’s Cove. A mix of two eras, Williamsburg offers a great time for spring break, one that will stand out.

Going somewhere unexpected for spring break will give you a vacation to brag about. Instead of telling your friends that you laid on the beach all day, you can recount your adventures of touring, hiking, sight-seeing, and enjoying these unique places.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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