Starting a Career in a Brand New Industry

by Thomas

So you have been working in some industry or even position for many years and suddenly you realized that you are not happy or satisfied with what you were doing - and you need to make a change in your life.

You want to start a career in brand new industry but you are not sure where to start as it is not easy to start a brand new job, but with some motivation and homework it can be achieved and you can find yourself in a position that you now love.

Your First Step...

The first stage in this major life change is to sit down and take note of what your options and what exactly it is that you want to do. Think about your strengths. Think about the reason for this transition. Do you want more money or mental satisfaction? You also have to figure out whether your current skills will be helpful in the new industry you are considering entering or whether you will have to start from scratch.

Get an Idea of What is Really Involved

When you are sure of what you want, look out for the people doing similar work? Meet these people and ask them questions about what is really involved in the position as well as what the requirements are for someone looking to start a career in that industry. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages involved in working the industry by searching the internet for information about the new industry you are looking to enter.

Now days there are many blogs, websites and facebook pages where you can find this information quite easily and can be a great way to get a real overview of what working in the industry looks like from people who have worked, or are currently working in the position you are looking to get.

Training & Costs of Making a Career Change

Unless you are looking at an entry level position in your desired industry, chances are that you will need to do some for of 'upskilling'. This may be in the form of an internship or apprenticeship or even by completing an accredited course to gain knowledge for the brand new industry. It is important to take course costs or income drops (due to a training wage) into consideration when making a decision.

Transitioning into a career in brand new industry can be an overwhelming experience, but if you do the research an plan out your course of action, you will be much better prepared.

This post was written by Thomas

Thomas runs Mining Jobs No Experience, an online hub for information about the Australian mining industry and advice and job listings for entry-level and trade positions in the industry.

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